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How to use TQM to increase manufacturing efficiency.

Here is how to use TQM to increase the overall efficiency in manufacturing. TQM or Time Quality Management is a management process that uses the focus of quality that is company wide. This will increase the productivity and efficiency in the business and in the manufacturing.

If the process that is used in the manufacturing process is right from the beginning, then there is less likely a chance for incorrectly make devices, or products. Therefore, creating less waste in raw materials, and less lost hours due to repeating of the process to come up with the correct product.

There are four main factors that contribute to the completion of a finished product. This is the design of the product, the workmanship of the product, the equipment that is used to create the product and finally the raw materials that are used.

The idea that makes TQM increase the manufacturing efficiency is that the training for the workmanship factor in the productivity needs to be accurate, well explained and consistent. This is at all levels and maintained through all newly hired employees.

There are metrics that can be tracked and statistics that will prove that using the TQM method will not only increase productivity, but it will also instill a higher level of pride in your employees. This is because each person becomes responsible for a higher level of quality in his or her work. There is more personal liability with the products that are produced.

The deployment of these TQM programs need to be started at the top, and then sent out to different levels of the companies process. The integration of these types of programs can take time. It starts with training. Therefore there will be some cost involved, however the savings from not wasting time, material and money will pay of within a short amount of time.

Many of the large manufacturing companies are using this type of management system to increase their overall efficiency. The minimum time to start this type of program going is around two to three months. For a total smooth running it can take up to around three years.

There are four main steps to the TQM process. These are:

Kaizen: The focus on continuous improvement
Atarimae Hinshitsu: Each thing will work the way it is designed to
Kansei: When used, the use of that product will provide a way for improvement to come about
Miryokuteki Hinshitu: Each product needs to have an aesthetic quality

The principals of TQM help to build a stronger sense of teamwork. Therefore allowing for more work to be completed. If there is a team working to complete a project, with each member of the team contributing, ideas, interest, effort and knowledge, the project will be completed more efficiently.

Implementing the process of TQM starts with training. This training will need to start at the top. Those that learn in the beginning and will then in turn teach this information will be provided with this information. The base is as follows:

Recognition of customer needs
The for TQM steps and how they work
The process of developing methodology for the total process of improvement
How to generate a quality plan and total process of improvement
The way to identify guidelines in order to develop the right training

With this information your manufacturing company will have the first steps to create a more efficient process and workforce. Therefore, this will result in saving money and time, and increasing profit.

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