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One piece flow manufacturing

Every manufacturing plant has different goals and things on their list in order to keep the company running effectively and to ensure that customers are getting their products in a timely manner. Each company has a method or program that is used to help increase profits or to reduce wastes for the company. In order to achieve all of the various goals you have, you need to have some type of manufacturing program that can be used such as lean manufacturing or Six Sigma. With lean manufacturing your organization will work on things like work flow and finding ways to improve the efficiency of the company while eliminating or reducing waste altogether.

With one piece flow manufacturing you will have the goal of moving a single product at a single time throughout the company. How does this save money? You aren't working on changing over the machinery as much to alter it for different products as you just focus on mass production of a single product at one time. It really helps to avoid waste and will save the company money overall.

Not only are you working on cutting down waste issues that your plant has, you will also work on improving the quality of your products. One piece flow manufacturing will allow you to correct defects quickly as you can see them the second they come off the line and you can correct them before an entire batch of products is destroyed. Quality issues need to be detected immediately and corrected before they are sent to the customers, where you have to deal with very expensive recalls and other things. The goal is to detect problems early on so you never have the same issues again.

With one piece flow manufacturing you will need to spend a lot of time on things like training. You have to work on effective training so the employees not only know what they are doing but that they know what type of problems to look for and how they can improve the company.

One of the things that you will see with one piece flow manufacturing is that you are not wasting money on excess inventory items. Instead you are only producing what the company needs to have in order to maintain its existing orders. You don't have all these products sitting in your inventory where they collect dust and lose their product value. Since your employees are working on a single thing at a time, it makes it faster for them to complete batches of products. This is great if you have a large order that comes in as you can quickly adjust to your customer's demands.

Cell-system manufacturing is another thing that is part of one-piece flow. Again, the goal is to acquire a quality product in a very quick and efficient way. Having a continuous flow of products will allow for produced goods to come off the manufacturing line faster and to also keep things moving. It is really all about motion and continuing the motion of products through the plant at all times. With cell-system manufacturing you will also have some other things to help with the overall motion. This usually includes proper organization of the plant. This helps to make things easier to reach and to find so you can get them when you need them to keep producing products.

One piece manufacturing is a great way to reduce the delays, quickly address customer issues and to avoid inventory build-ups along with missing delivery times for your customers. Each manufacturing plant will see different things arise as a result of one-piece flow manufacturing as it does work differently for everyone.

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