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Reduce employee fatigue with floor-mats and other easy tools

contractor30905267.jpgWhen employees stand for 8-10 hours or more a day, it can lead to blood clots and other health issues. To help reduce leg fatigue, back aches, and other issues you can use floor-mats that help to reduce leg fatigue. Anti-fatigue floor mats aren't that expensive and they can easily transform hard tile into soft flooring that is easier on the legs, back, and joints.

Determining what type of anti-fatigue floor matting is important as some of the less expensive ones can easily wear out and you will end up spending more money to purchase new floor mats that help to prevent pain. The other thing to consider when shopping for anti-fatigue floor matting is to understand your facility and what happens to the floor. Will the floor matting get covered with ink and other things all the time, making it cumbersome to clean?

How much floor matting do you need? Do you want enough to cover the entire shop floor or are you just looking for a little bit to cover the areas where your employees are standing for extended periods of time?

Here are a few of the anti-fatigue floor matting options to choose from:

  • Heavy Duty Dry - To help reduce anti-fatigue floor matting in heavy duty industrial industries, opt for the heavy duty industries that have dry floors. These floor matting options usually are placed where your employees stand all day and they are sturdy enough to withstand cart traffic and other things. Depending upon how much floor matting you need, you can purchase individual 13x13 mats or you can have custom made mats that have floor rolls or interlocking mats.

  • Medium Duty Dry - For a dry floor area where you don't have machines and carts rolling over the floor matting, opt for the medium duty dry mats. They are sturdy enough to last for years and they are comfortable for standing for multiple hours at a time.

  • Light Duty Dry - Just about every business will use light duty dry mats to help reduce leg fatigue. These mats can be found at Sam's Club and other stores that commonly carry small business products.You can buy them in rolls and cut them to place in certain areas in the workplace where your employees are standing all day long. Amusement parks often purchase these floor mats for their employees that run the rides and need to stand for extended periods of time.

  • Heavy Duty Wet - For industries that commonly have wet floors (such as ink, food industries, etc.) the Heavy Duty Wet mats are a great option. Most of these mats have holes in them where they can catch the water or liquids so your employees won't slip and fall. They are also made with heavy duty rubber materials, which help to "stick" to your employees shoes. Look for interlocking mats so you can throw away the ones that get dingy or damaged over time and you can simply replace that section with a new piece.

  • Medium Duty Wet - Smaller businesses often turn to these floor mats because they are less expensive. They can be found for about $25.00 at Sam's Club and Costco. It's a great way to help keep your employees safe and to reduce the amount of strain on the legs when you need to stand for hours at a time.

Several companies sell anti-fatigue floor matting. Depending upon the amount you want to spend and if you need to opt for custom-mats, you want to consider online companies as well as local stores. Your industry also makes a difference in price and style. Food production mats are much different from Pharmaceutical mats as one is made to withstand grease and oil and another is designed to help improve productivity by reducing leg pain and improving comfort.

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