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Setting up a manufacturing strategic plan

Strategic planning is a process that any successful business must go through if they are to work towards innovation and development for the future.The strategic planning process involves key members of the organization.These individuals gather together to discuss the procedures that must take place if the manufacturing company is to remain competitive and successful.Strategic plans do not have clear ending points as a company should be ever planning.Strategic plans are designed to envision and create an action plan for the future of the organization.

As you set up a manufacturing plan keep the following points in mind.Having a well organized strategic plan set-up is the key to the successful future planning of the organization's goals.Setting up a manufacturing strategic plan should be focused on optimizing organizational systems and on providing a frame work or an action plan for improvement efforts in each sector of the manufacturing organization.Planners should brainstorm and decide on procedures that will guide day-to-day decision making.Management is not excluded from training as learning opportunities are not only for the entry level worker.And lastly, there must be a means by which progress can be assessed.If there is no way to measure improvement then there is no point to having a strategic plan.

Getting started on your manufacturing strategic plan could be complicated but it does not have to be.As senior leaders of the manufacturing organization gather together to discuss the following events that should take place:

The consultation

The consultation, as it is typically referred to, begins with the leaders and the facilitators of the strategic plan meeting to discuss expectations for the meeting, the agenda, rules for discussion and the general methodology that exists among the group concerning strategic planning.If people do not agree about what the purpose of strategic planning is, it will be difficult to make the desired amount of progress needed in this set-up meeting.Planning teams should be selected and facilitators are responsible for conducting interviews, compiling data, and preparing an executive summary.The facilitator then has the responsibility of briefing the leader of the company (or of the strategic planning committee if information was gathered and analyzed outside of a meeting where the leader was present).

The strategic planning session

The strategic planning session focuses on the vision of the manufacturing organization, the guiding principles of that organization, the mission of the company, the Gap analysis and the strategic goals, strategies and objective of the company. An initial planning session to set up the manufacturing strategic plan may not be the most wisely structured or brilliantly executed meetings that your company will have, but it does not need to be.The whole point of having a strategic plan in place is to have a means by which to measure progress.If you start out perfect there is no room for progress.And, by the way, there has yet to be a company created that would not benefit from progress.

Take action

After all of the discussion has concluded it is time to take action and work out all the logistics of the strategic planning session.After all, it is not enough to simply talk about setting up a manufacturing strategic plan; it takes action to accomplish planning goals.Dates should be set along with places and supplies.Interviews should be set up and literature reviewed.

Updating the strategic plan

Once you have set up a manufacturing strategic plan it is important to revisit that plan and make changes where changes are needed.Strategic planning involves constantly analyzing an organization's opportunities and threats as well as improvements that can be made on previous strategic planning meetings and implemented plans.

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