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Seven step quality manufacturing, how to improve your process quickly

The key to acquiring a profitable business is in having a great quality product that the customers want. Every business is always looking for ways to improve its product and its advertising to gain more customers. In order for your manufacturing plant to enhance its productivity, you could try using the seven step quality manufacturing method. This method helps you to go through different steps with your product to make a quality product.

1) To implement effectively the seven step quality manufacturing approach, find out first the cause of your manufacturing productivity problems and decide on a plan of attack. For instance, check with the management of the manufacturing line to see why is it taking its department longer to produce a certain numbers of products. Can it be that some people are slower than others in assembling parts of the product or can it be that the assembly line is antiquated and very slow?Once you what needs to be done, you can begin to plan on how to solve the problem.

2) The second thing that you should know when implementing seven step quality manufacturing effectively is to come up with a solution to fix any problems your manufacturing encounters. If you have people working slowly on one part of the assembly line, then move them around to where they can function more productively. Consolidation of services and making the service providers more efficient is one of the key ingredients.

3) The third step is to establish good communication and cooperation between divisions, departments and workers. In this way, you can reduce a lot of wasted time and materials.

4) The fourth cue you need to know about implementing seven step quality manufacturing effectively is to make certain all your information technology is current, and automating change control. Make certain that you have the latest computer and programs that can support the latest software. Keeping up with the latest and advanced technology and software will help you speed up the manufacturing process and improve productivity and business profit.

5) The fifth cue to consider is the automation and communication of orders and between the manufacturer, supplier and customer.

6) The sixth cue you need to know about implementing seven step quality manufacturing effectively is to make sure you sell only the product you manufacture and in great quantities. You want to make sure that you are making enough of your products to ship. This will help you avoid scrambling to meet a demand on your product that you didn't anticipate. If you are manufacturing more than one product, make sure you keep track of the product you sell the most so you know which product you need to make more of. You could also subscribe to the "just in time" manufacturing, which means that you need to be more flexible in order to do this in a cost effective and timely manner.

7) The final cue you need to know about implementing seven step quality manufacturing process effectively is that you have trained and qualified managers over different areas of the assembly line. You want to make sure that you give the management position to people with great personalities and that have positive attitudes to motivate the employees to be happy and achieve their work effectively. Make sure that they have great tools in order to keep in contact with suppliers and customers.

All of those different cues are what you need to know to implement seven step quality manufacturing process effectively. If you decide to implement the seven step quality manufacturing, make sure you involve your employees to talk about possible improvements. Find out where you want to improve your manufacturing the most then implement the seven step process to achieve your manufacturing goals.

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