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Six Sigma Methods Help Companies Achieve Greater Customer Loyalty

Six Sigma methods include both those for improving existing procedures and those for creating new products and the procedures to make them.It also includes a large number of tools that may be used within the Six Sigma program or outside of it.

The DMAIC method is for existing products and procedures.The first step is to start by Defining the problem and then measuring the key aspects of the problem and process. After that you will then analyze the data and create improvements that will optimize the process and Control for the future to avoid problems that may crop up.

This method is very much based on science and data.It is important not to allow things in the process that have not been investigated.By adopting the DMAIC method, the company can limit variation and thus defects in the products that company makes.

For those processes and products that are yet to be created, the DMADV method is recommended.By implementing this method early, the company can make sure that mistakes do not creep into the process from the beginning of its implementation.The company must Define design goals, Measure and identify critical to quality (CTQ) characteristics, Analyze the information and create designs that may be better than the original, Design the details of the product and Verify the design.

DMADV may seem very intense in the investment period, but the rewards include a better product creating satisfied customers and improving the reputation of the company for making quality products.It may also be called Design for Six Sigma or DFSS.

These two methods aim at getting the company to produce products that are without defect.The idea is that the fewer times that a customer has to deal with defects, the more likely that they will be happy with the product.This happiness is what will drive customer loyalty and create great word of mouth reviews.It is all about the type of advertisement that companies cannot purchase.

Being a company that people look at as reliable with products that work is an extraordinary thing nowadays.Most companies follow the old line that it is not cost effective to create products that have close to zero defects, but it is these defects that are keeping the company from being able to rise to greatness.

Some methods and tools that Six Sigma uses for quality control include the 5 Whys, Check Sheets and the CTQ tree, but it isn't these tools and methods that allow Six Sigma to work.In order for Six Sigma to work optimally, the corporate culture has to become infused with the values of Six Sigma.People are the success and failure of any program or business.If the CEO does not believe in the adoption of Six Sigma, those who are in charge of the program will not receive the materials and support they need to implement the program.If the employees do not buy into the Six Sigma process, they will drag their feet and undermine the best efforts of management to implement the program.

It is because of this that companies need to make sure that the cultural change will be able to be met and that everyone is on board with the program.This is not a problem with new hires because they won't know any other way.It is the old guards, who still have valuable skills that may be difficult to change.Change can be scary in any aspect of life, and when the workplace changes, it often means losing friends and jobs.It is management's job to help employees get the reasons behind the implementation and to help them adjust to the new culture.

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