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Obstacles to successfully implementing Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a lean manufacturing method that can help you to reduce your product defect ratio. When you are able to reduce your product defect ratio you are able to produce a product that that has a higher quality. This in turn leads to not only fewer returns but also higher customer satisfaction. However, when a manufacturing business owner makes the choice to implement Six Sigma in to their company it is crucial to understand that there can be substantial obstacles that will stand in the way. However, if you are aware of what these obstacles can be you can then prepare and deal with them long before they become a significant problem. With persistence and determination you can overcome any obstacles that you come across and successfully implement Six Sigma into your manufacturing business. Here are some obstacles to successfully implementing Six Sigma-

- Not promoting teamwork-One of the biggest obstacles against helping Six Sigma to work is a lack of teamwork. You will struggle to be successful with Six Sigma unless you can bring your employees together and help them work as a team. Your employees may initially be resistant to using Six Sigma but if they can work through this together it will increase the chances that Six Sigma will be beneficial for your manufacturing business in the end. Keep in mind that you will need to promote both cooperation and teamwork long before youbegin introducing your employees to the process of Six Sigma.
- Not offering education-Another roadblock that can occur when a manufacturing business owner is trying to put Six Sigma into place is a lack of education. You will need to have a training program that clearly teaches your employees everything about Six Sigma. This is a crucial step since your employees must be able to understand their roles in the Six Sigma process. You will also need to help them learn what the proper training procedures are for Six Sigma. Keep in mind that part of the success of the education component of Six Sigma is who you first choose to participate. You want to make sure that you have chosen the leaders among your employees so that when they are trained in Six Sigma they can help to train and educate the other employees.
- Not identifying problems-Many times manufacturing business owners are so enthusiastic about implementing Six Sigma that they begin without really considering the potential for problems that will need to be dealt with. You want to take the time to carefully research out potential problems and then determine how you will deal with them should they come up. In addition, when you take the time to do this kind of planning you will have a better idea of the amount of quality control that will be needed.
- Not having tracking-You will need to have a tracking system in place long before you begin implementing Six Sigma. Most manufacturing businesses use a charting system that will help to show you what the results of the process are. There are many different tracking systems but the main concern is that you have the one that works the best for your manufacturing business. The tracking system that you choose should also explain the steps of the process and help you to gather the results. This way you can use it for analysis and make any changes that may be needed in the future. When you continue tracking the Six Sigma process it will help you to focus on making better products, keep your customers happier, and drive your manufacturing business to a new level of success.

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