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The benefits of using lean manufacturing

There are many different benefits for any company that chooses to use lean manufacturing. This manufacturing method has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to reduce waste and improve productivity and profits. Manufacturing business owners find that after they implement lean manufacturing they are spending much less money to produce their products along with producing a higher quality of product. This in turn results in a much higher degree of customer satisfaction. This makes it crucial that every manufacturing business owner understand why they should consider using lean manufacturing. Here are some of the benefits of using lean manufacturing-

Lean manufacturing improves productivity in many different areas of any manufacturing business. These areas include but are not limited to-
- Human resources- Human resources is one of the largest costs for any type of business. This is especially true for manufacturing businesses that are highly employee driven. Lean manufacturing helps businesses figure out where their employees will be the most productive. If you have employees who don't know their jobs or simply don't do their jobs well the production process suffers and waste occurs. When lean manufacturing is put into place it can show any problems that are occurring in terms of employees. Then the manufacturing business owner can determine if employees need to be reassigned to a different jobs, receive additional training, or in some circumstances let go from the manufacturing business.
- Production planning-When manufacturing businesses first implement lean manufacturing this is often the first place that they see major changes. When lean manufacturing is put into place the entire production process becomes more efficient. The production planners will know how much inventory and other supplies that they will need to keep the line moving without risking short outs or spending to much on inventory that is not being used. In addition, problems on the production line will be addressed long before they become large enough to slow down the production process. Orders will be managed in terms of priority and the overall quality of the product(s) that is being produced will go up.
- Inventory control-Many manufacturing business owners overlook the connection between the financial health of their business and their inventory control. The bottom line is that every manufacturing business needs to have exactly the right amount of inventory on hand in order to fill the orders that it has. Lean manufacturing helps to make this happen. When lean manufacturing is used in the manufacturing business that means that there is not a large amount of inventory sitting in the warehouse that is tying up needed cash flow. Lean manufacturing helps manufacturing business owners to keep their inventory at the right amount at all times which improves not only the production process but the financial health of the business, as well.
- Time management-Many manufacturing business owners report that one of the major benefits of using lean manufacturing is the efficient time management that results after the process has begun being used. When lean manufacturing is used it helps to prevent slowdowns on the production line, employees standing around, or gaps in the supply chain that can often happen. Manufacturing business owners realize that their customers value their time as well as their money. Every business owner (regardless of the type of the business), needs to focus on saving their customers time as well as money.When a manufacturing business can meet the needs of their customers on time it means that they will be much happier. This in turn leads to a customer base for the manufacturing business that is full of long term, satisfied customers.

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