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Speeding your assembly process up

If you are in manufacturing, you know that the amount of product you produce in less time with minimal mistakes means bigger profit.Speeding your assembly process up may be what you are looking to do in order to create the profits you are looking for.But how do you increase your assembly efficiently and still produce quality products.Much of the manufacturing world has turned to a method called Lean Manufacturing.Lean manufacturing is an improvement tool that focuses on enhancing quality, cost, and delivery to the customer.As a business, speeding your assembly process up should be important as this will increase your profit right?Lean manufacturing tries to do just that, but still aims at producing a quality product.If you fall into this category but don't know where to begin then keep reading.This article will help you understand that by tacking your process flow, you can increase assembly speed.

Process Flow is the procedural steps used in making or delivering your product (or service depending on the manufacturing plant), and how it impacts:
1. The layout of your facility
2. Decisions you make about technology
3. How your company works together.
Process flow can truly give your company the edge it is looking for.Procedures completed under the Process Flow are usually classified as Job Shop or Flow Shop.Flow shop is a more rigid procedure and uses special resources.Job shop is the opposite using general resources and is very flexible.

So how does process flow speed up the process of your assembly line you ask?Well, there are many divisions in a company.Some of those include ordering parts, sorting parts, assembling parts, checking products, dividing parts into specified areas, packaging products and shipping products.Let's say that the ordering division hasn't been getting their work done, which means if they're not ordered, they can't arrive on time.And now your company is behind on orders and there has been an increase in customer complaints.And on top of everything else, no one wants to take responsibility for what's happening and divisions of the company are blaming other divisions.So now you have unhappy employees, backed up orders, and your customers will soon be going to another company to buy their products.This is where process flow comes into play.Start from the very beginning and make a list of steps that need to be done in order to make the product.This needs to be a detailed list; describing everything that needs to happen to the product before it even hits the market.Then go through time constraints for each department in your manufacturing plant.Think about how much time it should be taking each department to accomplish their specific job.Set some realistic goals with your employees.

After you have made your list and began implementing your goals, you will observe to see what actually happens to the product.How much time does it actually take, in relation to how much time you thought it would?Where are the problems occurring?By doing so, you can fix where the errors are, and speed your assembly process up.

A Kaizen discipline is a great way to approach the needed change in order to speed up your assembly process.The term Kaizen is Japanese and is used to describe a team-based incremental approach to continual improvement.And isn't improvement the key to speeding your assembly process up?As you continue to monitor and make changes, your assembly will continue to run more efficiently and that will keep your customers and bring a great profit for your company.

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