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The benefits and disadvantages of using robotics in manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are turning more and more to the use of robotics. In fact, studies show that the majority of manufacturers use robotics to some degree in their production process. This is mostly due to the fact that robotics has been found to be a cheaper alternative to using humans. Robotics has also been found to be a fit for almost any job that was previously held by a human on the production line.

However, it is important to note that while robotics has advanced manufacturing it has also brought up some problems. Using robotics has not been found to be a problem free solution for manufacturing. One of the main drawbacks that have been found is that many manufacturers report that the quality of robotic produced products is not has high as those made by their human employees. This lower quality of robotically made products is often harder to sell.In addition, there has been an understandable backlash by manufacturing employees who see that they may lose their jobs, or have their hours cut back from using robotics. Many manufacturing employees also resent having their job reduced to overseeing the machines.

Employers, on the other hand see great potential in the use of robotic machines since they have the ability to increase production which means that profitability can also be increased. In addition, most robotic machines have a considerable higher output then their human counterpart. When you also take into account that the machines don't get tired, require lunch breaks, or time off it can make them seem like a perfect solution to your manufacturing needs. However, before you make a final decision it is important to examine the benefits and disadvantages of using robotics in manufacturing-

Benefits of using robotics in manufacturing-
- Using robotic machinery can help to increase profits because productivity is higher and faster.
- Using robotic machinery can help to reduce overhead expenses. However, this should be indicated that most of the saved overhead is in reduced payroll costs.
- Using robotic machinery can help give the manufacturing company a long term edge in the market place.
- Using robotic machinery can give you a higher output for a considerably lower cost.
Disadvantages of using robotics in manufacturing-
- Using robotic machinery can take away the personal touch on the products that you produce. This can in turn lead to a downturn in customer satisfaction.
- Using robotic machinery can require a high initial cash investment. This investment can range anywhere from thousands on up to millions of dollars that you will need to purchase the machinery, install it, and train your employees on how to use it. This can also lead to the business having to take on considerable debt financing in order to afford to install the robotic machinery.
- Using robotic machinery does not mean that you will not need human employees. Most of the time you will need a human counterpart to manage the machine.
- Using robotic machinery can mean high repair bills in order to keep the machinery up and running.
- Using robotic machinery can hurt the reputation of your business if the switch to using robotics means that you have to cut hundreds or thousands of jobs.
- Using robotic machinery can mean an increase in training costs as the new machinery is installed on the production line.
Most manufacturing companies are finding that they must find a balance between the use of robotic machinery and their human staff. While robotics can bring about significantly lower overhead costs it is important to weigh out the savings against other costs that the business may incur.

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