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The DMADV Method Works For New Products

The DMADV method is designed for new processes and products.As part of Six Sigma, DMADV aims at making processes as mistake free as possible so that the products that go through the process wind up defect free.It is the defect free result that drives company success as customers realize how good the product is, they will continue to return to the company for other products, and they will recommend the company to their friends.

Defining design goals is the first step in DMADV.These design goals need to coincide with customer needs and desires and with the strategic goals of the company.It doesn't do any good for a company that wants to be a leader in the space industry to design and market the perfect hot dog - unless it is the perfect space hot dog.

Measuring and identifying characteristics that are critical to quality (CTQ) is the next step.It is also necessary to identify product capabilities at this point and what production capacity.Assessing any risks comes at this part of the process as well.

This information must be Analyzed in order to figure out if there are any design alternatives that might work better for the customer or for the design process.Once several alternative designs are available, the company should assemble a team to choose the best design.

Once the design is decided upon, the next step is to figure out the Design details.The details should complement the design.Planning for design verification should come at this point.If there are inherent problems with any simulations done during this phase of the process, they can be fixed or the tam can go back to the drawing board to find another solution that may work better.

Verification is the last step in the process.Verifying the design is part of the process to make sure that the product does what it is supposed to do, and it does it in a way that creates customer satisfaction.Pilot runs can be done to verify that the process works the way it is supposed to and then the process can be handed over to those who will run it on a day to day basis.

This process is also called the Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) process.Because it is specifically designed to work within a company that has established a Six Sigma culture, it is also great for helping people to understand the Six Sigma process.By starting at the ground level for new projects with this type of culture, everyone involved will be able to adapt more easily.Nothing will have changed because it is all brand new.

As part of a larger culture shift within the organization, implementing the DMADV might be the best place to start in the engagement of a Six Sigma corporate culture.People who experience the benefits of the process will be able to own it unlike those for whom it has been driven from the top down.

Six Sigma is a great way to eliminate most mistakes from the production process.With a goal of only 3.4 defects per million products, customers will be very happy to have whatever the product is.Other parts to Six Sigma include DMAIC for already established processes and quality control tools and processes to ensure that people continue doing what they are supposed to rather than resulting in short cuts that may result in more product defects.Any company looking to increase the bottom line over the course of time should look seriously at the entire Six Sigma process to see if it can be a fit for the business.

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