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Using DMADV to strengthen your manufacturing plant

manufacturing_systems.jpgThere are many different ways you can go about improving your company and building better and stronger products. Since errors have been a common problem for many manufacturing plants, it is vital to look for new ways to reduce these errors and to ensure that you have a successful company. Six Sigma was designed to reduce errors and get them down to a defect ratio of 3.4 per million items. This way when you have produced products you will be able to produce better products to hand over to your customers. As you are able to do this, you will have a better chance to generate higher sales as your customers are happy about the type of products you are providing. Not only will your customers be happier with the company and the products, your employees will also be happier with the company as well. Six Sigma helps to fix the problems with the company and helps to provide you with greater results that you need to strengthen your company. What is DMADV and what does it mean for your manufacturing plant?

The first phase is called the define phase. This is where you determine if you want to create new products and how you plan to create them. The define phase also helps you to manage the way your existing products are being produced so you can easily establish goals and communicate them to your employees and your customers. When you define the process, you can easily find the problems in a hurry. Define each piece of the process as it helps you see what your goals are and what you want to accomplish.

Your next step in the DMADV process is to measure your manufacturing method. What are your goals and what type of system are you using in order to meet these goals? Part of measuring is knowing what the customer demands are for the product. This will allow you to see what their expectations are and you can create goals that will help the company. Customer surveys can help you measure the results as you can see if the customers are satisfied and happy or if you need to focus on improvements.

Now that you have the process ready and you know how to track it, you need to know how to read the results. All of the information you gather in the measure phase, you need to then learn how to read this information. As you evaluate the information and go through it, you can come up with a different plan of implementation if it's necessary. The analyze phase also includes the delivery of the product along with some risks that you may run into.

With all the information you have collected and read through, you can create better tips and a roadmap of where you need to go. The information you have will help you to have an outline and a guide for what you would like to do and where you can go from here. With the design phase, be sure that you have your information at hand and that you know what type of resources you have available.

The last phase is known as the verify phase. This is where you will go through everything and make sure you have the right information you need and to make sure your plan is working. If it is not working, you can go back to the analyze phase and think again as to what you need to do. Lots of brainstorming and creative people within the organization will help you come up with better plans to make better products.

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