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Using statistics for improved quality of manufacturing

How does using statistics make for improved quality in manufacturing?Using statistics can help increase not only the quality of products that are being manufactured but also the quantity. The reason is that manufacturing companies can use the statistics to create a plan of action that will work more efficiently.

In order to be able to effectively forecast the future productivity with statistics there would need to be a program set up that can do the following functions.

- Forecast production, when there is a stable demand and uncertain demand.
- Quantify the risks that are associated within the operations and financial costs.
- Predict when there will be operational bottlenecks, in sufficient time before they occur.
- Pinpoint when and which inputs of a specific model will be the cause of uncertainty.
- Calculate given information to show the statistical outcome.
- Calculate summary statistics in order to set sample data

There are many programs that manufacturing companies use to create the data for the statistics that are used for quality improvement. The main thing is to make sure that the date you receive is accurate and complete.

The data also needs to be in areas that are useful and able to be worked on. This would include areas of production, customer service, profit and loss etc.

There are many reasons that there must be some form of quality control in addition to productivity efficiency. The main reason being that the consumer market is more competitive than ever.

In addition to globalization, staffing issues and cut backs, large reductions in resources, all show cause to a reason to find ways to increase quality with less time and money.

Whether a manufacturing company is looking at the affects of market analysis, process optimizations, or production forecasts, improved quality through statistics will make this easier and better.

With the use of a real time statistics program, there is less of a need for quality departments. There is more of a responsibility of quality that is put back on the operators in the manufacturing companies.

Production visibility is creating a greater awareness of what is being completed through these real time tracking systems. These programs are not only used for tracking the manufacturing of a product, but also in the compliance of documentation. This insures that the quality needs are being followed and met.

There are still many manufacturing companies that are using the traditional way of controlling quality. This means they are testing part of the production process and production. This can prove to create less of a quality product. However, this is changing.

If there is not a visible quality issue, then there is no way to fix it. When statistics are used to increase the quality of production and the products, it is easy to track and make appropriate changes to improve this overall quality.

Statistics can also help maintain the quality in the areas of the business process, the mechanical and engineering process, in addition to the part production process. With the possibility of as much up to date, and real time feedback, the quality can be increased almost instantly.

In order to set up the right process for statistical tracking and predicting in quality improvement, there would need to be a support process and correct information gathered. This is a step that many manufacturers have had a hard time completing. However once this is done, the overall payoff of being able to improve quality through statistics has had a huge benefit, Increased productivity at a lower cost. And that is what it is all about.

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