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Using the DMAIC method

cleaningmachines24240393.jpgThousands of manufacturing facilities have turned to Six Sigma as a way to reduce errors and waste. They often see that implementation of Six Sigma yields higher profits, happier employees, and a healthier company. One method in the Six Sigma process is known as DMAIC. This method helps you draw out the defects in your manufacturing process so you can start saving money and getting rid of waste.

What is DMAIC and what does it stand for? Continue reading to learn more about DMAIC and the impact it can have on your company.

D - Define, M- Measure, A - Analyze, I- Improve, C - Control

The define phase simply means you will define what your goals are. How do you plan to reach these goals and when do you need to reach them by? What resources do you have available in order to help your define the goals and actually reach them? Look at your employees, do they have the talents and skills you need for the company to become successful? How involved in management and can you do things that will make you a better manager for the company? The employees that stand out to you should become some of the Six Sigma leaders like your black belts. This person will have all the knowledge you need for proper Six Sigma implementation.This allows you to focus on excellence and setting the standard for the company.

Your next phase is the measure phase. During this phase you will set limits as to how you plan on looking at the changes and how they have worked. You want o make sure the changes you have implemented are working so the measure phase is essentially a tracking phase so you can see how well you have been able to document your goals. Documentation is vital to the way you implement Six Sigma.Rely on your employees because they are on the floor and dealing with the problems and the actual business processes on a day-to-day basis.

The third phase is to analyze Six Sigma. You want to work with your managers and your employees to see if the changes have been helpful. If the employees are happy and you feel the changes you have implemented have been made for the better, you can move onto the next step. You may need to go back to the drawing board at this point and re-evaluate if you have implemented Six Sigma correctly and if it is working or not.

Always keep your employees involved as they can help you improve the process. Looking for ways to improve the way you are using Six Sigma is vital to your business. Although you may be in a phase where things are looking good, if you have waste, there is still room to improve. Keep the lines of communication open so you can see if everything is working right and to make sure your employees are all working the way they should. You need to have knowledge of your company and to make sure it's running correctly in order to provide you with reduced waste and improved productivity.

The last and most important step of DMAIC is control. Control will help to improve your business over every other aspect of DMAIC as it is the "future" step that allows you to make sure the changes you have implemented are working and will continue to work. When there is a set back with production and other things, it is your job to regain control of the company and to make sure things are going smoothly.

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