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What do you need to do to make sure your goods are delivered safely?

ladyoncellphone33269406.jpgYour customers order a product and they want to have it delivered to them in a timely manner. What are you doing to keep your customers happy and to make sure their orders are being delivered to them in a timely manner? Not only do you want to make sure your goods are sent out in a timely manner, you want to make sure they are packaged correctly so when they are delivered to their destination, they are in perfect condition.

Starting with your employees, how are they packaging orders to be delivered to your customers? Are they making sure the orders are packaged tightly and securely so they won't be damaged during shipping? If your employees are doing everything correctly, consider changing the packing material. Sometimes bubble wrap just won't protect your orders so you want to make sure you are looking at all of the various packing supplies out there in order to find one that will make sure your products will be delivered safely.

Of course you can't neglect the shipping company. Are they damaging your orders when they are being sent out? A number of shipping companies don't always take the best care of the orders that are being sent out so if you feel you are constantly dealing with claims; it may be time to consider choosing a new shipping supplier.

To find quality packing materials and boxes, start by doing an online search and a local search. Some companies like Staples can actually provide you with cheap packing supplies that are quality ones and will make sure your products are delivered safely. It's also a good idea to compare prices with shipping supply specialist companies like They provide excellent products for a decent price and they also offer discounts and other specials that can help to save your company even more money.

Implement a new packing system within the company. What are your employees currently doing to package the orders? Do you think they are focused more on getting the orders out quickly versus packing the right the first time? Keep a close eye on your distribution center to see what they are doing with the orders once they leave the production line. You want to see what your employees are doing to make sure the products will remain safe and protected in the boxes. Talk to your employees and find out why they package things they way they do. Perhaps they do it because the packing supplies are difficult to deal with or maybe they opt for speed as they are trying to get the products out before the shipping company comes. Whatever it is your employees are doing, make sure they are doing it right.

Not only should you implement a new policy that focused on quality, you need to focus on training. A lot of employees create their own shortcuts and methods because they aren't sure what they need to do because they were not properly trained. Training will help your employees to find out how they need to package the supplies correctly and in the manner you want them to be packaged. This way you can talk to them when they aren't following your specific instructions on how to make sure the goods are delivered safely.

Do a test by having your employees fulfill an order that will be shipped to you or someone close to you. This way you will be able to see if they are doing what you have asked and to make sure the goods are not moving around inside the boxes, which can lead to breakage or other damage to the product.

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