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What is quality system balance?

womaninoffice32013222.jpgImproving quality and the supply chain can be a challenge to any company. Focusing on improving quality is vital to the company in order to create better products and services for your customers and to generate the right type of revenue stream you need to become successful. Quality system balance can help you understand how to get started with improving of your supply chain and to generate better products for your customers.

Quality system balance isn't something that only focuses on just the supply chain. Quality system balance is used within the entire organization. It is important to understand what the goals of the company include and what your primary objective is if you are going to generate better products. Each goal you determine will help to optimize a different part of the supply chain and will help you to generate better products.

One of the goals every manufacturing company will have is focusing on the long-term profitability of the company. Of course you want to make better products but your devotion to the system is important to helping you understand the effectiveness of quality system balance. If management isn't helping, no one else can make it work for the company. Quality system balance is a team effort that must be upheld by everyone within the company.

To get started with quality system balance, have your upper level managers sit down and discuss the goals and the outputs they want the supply chain to have. You can then do a step-by-step process to determine how you will be able to reach the various business objectives. Each function of your system will have a different goal, coming on down to your customer service skills.

Meeting customer demands is always a goal and a concern. What are your customers demanding and asking of you? How can you change your manufacturing system in order to accommodate their needs better? Customer service generally requires flexibility in the way you have your system managed.

As the business objectives have been set, you will have a clear message and understanding as to how each phase impacts the supply chain. Here are some easy steps you can follow that will all help you to properly implement quality system balance within your organization:
1. Know your customer demands. Get to know your customers and find out what their demands are. Do you have seasonal demands that change? What about outside market conditions that can change the way your production line works? As you focus on learning what the customer demands are, you can come up with better goals for the company which can lead to building better products for them and ultimately making them happier customers.
2. Monitor your inventory. To find out which products are successfully selling, you need to monitor your inventory. See which products are moving swiftly and which ones tend to sit on the shelves. Why are they sitting on the shelves and what can you do to move them off the shelves?
3. Build demand. A large part of quality system balance focuses on creating a demand. By making better products, people will want to buy them but it is the way you market that ultimately puts a "drive" in the customers to buy the products.
4. Supply and demand. Once you build demand and you can start to measure it, you will then need to build a model for the manufacturing side of the company to keep up with the demand. You can keep inventory but it's a great decision to make products to order. This will help you generate better products for your customers.
5. Consistency. Once you have a quality system in place, you want to make sure it remains consistent. This is a great way to minimize disruption to your supply chain.

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