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Where to find government regulations for manufacturing

When it comes to establishing regulations for the manufacturing industry, the government is eager to institute as many rules as they think are necessary in order to protect the health and safety of all parties involved.Yet at the same time government regulations are not intended to stifle the production abilities of the manufacturer.Many times regulations bring about a better way of production.Government regulations for manufacturing can be found in a variety of places.Four websites sponsored by the government that you can visit to find regulations specific to your type of manufacturing plant are:


Compliance to government regulations for manufacturing is no laughing matter.Adhering to the legislation that is constantly in debate is a part of being in the manufacturing industry.Manufacturers are indeed at the center of many legislation debates, especially as concerns regarding the health and well-being of the environment become more pressing.There are many reasons why this is the case.One main reason is that the manufacturing industry poses risks that other industries do not.Issues of employee safety, product safety, environmental safety, etc. all apply to manufacturers.Manufacturing indeed requires many resources.Sometimes in order to create a product a manufacturer will have to use fuels and materials that may not be first options of the environmentalists among us.Nevertheless, you cannot make something out of nothing, and to close the manufacturing sector of the economy is certainly not a practical answer for anyone.So the regulations and debate over legislation rages on.

One recent example of the constancy in changing legislation can be seen through the example of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. The House of Representatives is currently debating amendments related to this legislation as it applies to manufacturing specifically.As the government debates on how to handle these issues the manufacturing industry is anxious to see how new and potentially costly regulations will affect the number of manufacturing jobs available.Job loss is unfortunately a common coincidence to regulations that require additional monetary resources to satisfy.Members of the National Association of Manufacturers are constantly voicing their opinions regarding current and long since debated legislation.In this case they are encouraging (through their website at fellow manufacturers to express concerns about CAFE standards and to make clear that they are in need of standards that will minimize job loss.

Government regulations are so diverse depending on your specific niche in the manufacturing industry that you will really need to be proactive in finding the regulations that are required for your operation.There are Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) for every industry.Just to use one example, the dairy industry has been developing safety assurance programs as part of their GMPs for the last 20 years.Good Manufacturing Principles are established by each organization, often in response to a concern or a need that is brought to light by government regulations.GMPs encourage the updating and revision of out-of-date regulations.Again using the example of the food industry, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is also an active participant in the efforts to enhance existing government regulations.

Regardless of your industry, regulations set by the government are intended to reduce risk and increase overall quality for all parties involved.Regulations ought to be an integral part of employee training and the evaluation of the effectiveness of current practices.As regulations and legislations change, manufacturing managers must be working to evolve their practices as well.Establishing your organization's own Good Manufacturing Practices is an excellent way to comply with your already set regulations as well as to go above and beyond what is required to continue to make changes and innovations that will improve your overall production effectiveness, productivity, safety, etc.

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