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Why Should You Implement Lean?

There are a number of beneficial manufacturing programs out there that can provide you with ways in which you can reduce waste and eliminate defects and give your customers better products and services. If you are considering lean manufacturing, you are on the right track toward creating a company that really puts it's customers needs first! Using lean you can easily figure out ways to make your company more successful and to give your employees an organization that they appreciate working for.

There are a number of tools that are part of lean that you can use in order to find success with the company. You do not need to use all of the programs that are part of lean as some companies only use one or two programs and are able to find success with lean. Just in time is one of the best tools that has come out of lean. What is just in time? It's a new way of producing products. Instead of producing a set quota and having the products go to your warehouse to become part of the inventory you will end up creating products for your customers when they order them. Having products that are made to order will be able to give the customers better quality products as they won't end up losing their value by sitting in a warehouse. Another thing that you will see with just in time is that you no longer have products that are not getting sold. When you produce too many products, there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell all of them. This is why it's a good idea to focus on only producing products that you know will sell.

Lean manufacturing is easy to implement in just about any industry and business. Using the various tools that are part of lean you can find ways to increase the quality of your products but also to focus on having fewer problems with things like machinery breakdowns or employees that end up wasting time and money.

Keeping low levels of inventory will aid in decreasing the costs for your company and will also be able to prevent you from having product loss. When products are at a warehouse, it is easy for them to become damaged and then you will need to write them off. Keeping a low stock on hand at your facility will reduce this type of waste and will make for happier employees and customers as they both do not need to wait for new products to be produced since they are made to order.

Employees will also have more to do so they are not wasting time standing around. They will have higher efficiencies with the machinery to maintain, which is beneficial to them so they don't become bored and it also helps you to ensure that you are not paying people to do nothing.

Lean organizes the company so that you do not have communication issues between employees or between the employees and the machinery. Having the company streamlined will make it easier on everyone and will also provide greater customer satisfaction as well. Studies done on lean often indicate a number of benefits that you should consider from increase employee morale to a boost in relationships with customers and vendors.

How much money could you save if you could find a way to decrease the amount of scrap that you have with the company? Each time you have to re-work products, you have to focus your efforts on being able to understand how much this is costing you and seeing that you could save a ton of money if you would just take the time to implement lean and fix it in the beginning.

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