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Banner ad promotion and press release distribution


There is a lot of power in online marketing; banner advertising is one of the best tools you have at your disposal. Banner advertising is when you develop an ad to place on another site. Normally it has an image and some text included. The advertising company will place the link to the desired landing page on the ad and then they will place it on their web site. The goal is to generate as many impressions as possible so people will click on the ad and follow it to your site where they will hopefully purchase something.

If you need to earn some money for your marketing campaign, consider letting other companies place banner advertisements on your web site. This is a great way to boost your revenue because you get a percentage of each click through from the ad.

Usually banner ads have a graphic, but some of them can be strictly text (think of the "got milk" campaign). It's easy to create a banner ad or you can hire a freelance graphic designer to create one for you. Each web site has different specifications you must obey when it comes to online advertising so it is a wise decision to create different sizes of your banner ads. Also, consider saving them in different pixel sizes as well, usually they need to be under 25k in size or else they will not load properly on some computers.

When you engage in banner advertising, look for ways to specifically target your audience. Only advertise on the web sites that your customers frequent. Use specific keywords if you plan to use Google and the search engines to post your advertisements. If you want to gain more exposure on the internet, you can advertise on other sites, just make the banner ads smaller since you probably won't get a big return on your investment.

Another great online marketing strategy is to use press release distribution. Similar to writing articles, it won't cost you anything to create the press releases. The investment comes in the amount of time you are willing to spend on the press releases to ensure that they are successful and written from the perspective of a journalist.

Web sites like will distribute your press releases for free. They can help you target the media members you are looking for in your local community and nationally. Choosing a good site to distribute your press release could make the difference between getting the attention you need and having it tossed into the garbage. Press release distribution really is free advertising. You can get the exposure you are looking for without all the expenses of other online marketing methods.

If you have used press releases in the past but the media didn't respond, it's because you didn't write a good press release. You need to grab the attention of the media within the first 3 sentences in order for them to actually read the rest of the press release. If you don't have the skills to write a good press release, leave it up to a professional company to do it for you. Usually the investment is only $299 or so a year and you can get a lot of good responses from it.

A good press release must provide the media with new information and keeps their attention. If you send out press releases too often, the media won't respond to them. They will respond to timely press releases. Try to keep the press release short and don't make it into a big sales pitch. Give them the basic information they need and encourage them to go to your web site for more information.

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