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Public relations and marketing

ladyoncellphone30335335.jpgMarketing is centered on getting attention for the company and boosting customer sales. When marketing and public relations combine, a business is suddenly opened to a whole world of customers that can help the business sink or swim. When you combine public relations and marketing, you are no longer focused on just selling a product to your customers, you are not concerned on educating the public on what your company does. You want people to know more about the foundations of your company, as this will help to inspire them to continue being a customer and spread the word to their friends.

PR and marketing can help your business get noticed. It is focused on positioning your company as an expert in the particular field you are in. Positing your company as an expert in the field is essential to retaining your existing customers and finding new ones. People will know to come to you when there is a change in the industry or when they have questions about the industry you are in. You can establish your reputation in the industry by responding to news stories and participating in discussion groups and on other places online.

The goal of public relations and marketing is also to influence customers to influence others. Word-of-mouth marketing is a vital part of every business and it makes complete sense for a business to hope that their customers will spend time influencing their friends and family members to purchase your products. Try to create catchy slogans and offer products that have an easy-to-distribute piece. What does this mean? This means placing some business cards in your orders or placing another marketing piece in there that your customers can give to their friends when they are talking about your company.

Since you are focused on gaining attention and informing the public of what it is your company does, you don't want to write up a publicity campaign that provides discounts on products or is centered around selling your products. You want to educate people about the product and have them become attracted to your company and the products you offer. This is different from constantly trying to persuade customers to purchase your products. The goal of public relations combined with good marketing is centered on reinforcing opinions that customers already have. You don't want to change their mind,you just want them to know that they are right.

How can you boost public relations and marketing? It's easier that you might think, you just need to follow some of these tips:

  • Have a great web site that is clean, organized, and user-friendly. You need to have a section that talks about what it is your company does along with your mission statement and how you got started. Pack this section of your web site with useful information for news media members that want to do a feel-good story. Make sure you have a search feature on your web site or else you will lose a lot of good customers. People want to be able to find the information they need quickly and efficiently, a search feature is one of the easiest ways to get your customers the information they need without wasting time on your web site.

  • Customer service is another important part of good publicity. When you have poor customer service skills, people will talk about it and this could lead to a lot of negative publicity for your company. Avoid this by properly training your employees and spend some time on proper communication skills.

  • Send regular press releases to the news media so they can keep up with the different things your company is doing.

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