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Flooding Your Site with No-Cost Traffic

Free. Zero cost. No risk. All profit.

No matter how you say it, kinda has a ring, doesn't it?

No matter what you are selling online, no matter what your sales strategy, no-cost traffic is always a good thing.

One of the best ways to generate traffic to any website is through writing articles. Here are some keys to effective traffic generating articles:

1. Choose a compelling Title

Most webmasters and ezine (email newsletter) publishers will determine just from reading your title whether or not they are interesting in publishing your article. Consider the following for a "Health" related article on an over-the-counter supplement which reduces arthritis pain. Which would you be more interested in publishing:

"New Supplement for Arthritis"


"Reduce the Pain of Arthritis with Low-Cost OTC Supplement"

Obviously, the second has a more compelling title-though much longer. Which brings us to a second point:

2. Start with a Clear Benefit

Both in the title and in the opening paragraph, start with a clear benefit statement. Consider that with a long title (like the second one above) most people will only be able to see the first few words in their email subject line. By starting with a clear benefit, they will likely see "Reduce the Pain of Arthritis."

By repeating the benefit in the opening paragraph, targeted readers are more likely to read the remainder of the article.

3. Format your Submission Properly

Articles for submission should be formatted as text only, with a hard carriage return every 65 or less characters, with the article inserted into the body of the email (not as an attachment). They should begin with publishing guidelines and end with a resource (also called "bio") box.

While each submission location will have slightly different policies, these are pretty standard. To format your articles, you can use this simple tool:

4. Submit to Article Announcement Groups

Here is where you can make or break this strategy.

There are thousands of places where you can submit articles (Google lists over 200,000!) You could easily spend all your time trying to chase down the "best" places to submit.

Here are some keys to using your time well:

Go to:

This is a directory of the top article announcement groups on the web. This is fast, free and easy.

If none of the groups there meet your target market, go to:

and search for groups related to your area of interest.

5. Submit to Article "Banks"

Article banks are simply "repositories" where publishers can go to pick up content for their site or newsletter. Some of them can deliver high volumes of traffic for the right article. Some never will.

Here is how you can judge which ones will serve you best:

Download the Alexa Toolbar.

Alexa ranks websites according to their traffic. As you consider various services, see which ones have the LOWEST Alexa number-the lower the number the higher the traffic.

Focus on submitting your articles to sites with the LOWEST Alexa numbers first.

6. Submit to Targeted Websites

If you see a non-competing website in your target market is publishing content (either online or via a newsletter), contact the site owner and find out if they will accept article submissions from you. Often this can be a great way to generate tons of referred traffic as well as getting you a link from a higher traffic website.

To get the contact info, use the Alexa bar mentioned above.

Use these six tips and not only will your articles get published, you will likely see a flood of traffic to your site.

Copyright 2004 by Kevin Bidwell
Kevin Bidwell is owner of

Kevin just finished a complete report on building a passive income. Grab your copy here:

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