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How to get a reporter's attention

You have a lot of knowledge building up, and you are almost ready to make the perfect pitch, you just have to ensure that before and while you make the pitch you have the attention of the reporter. If you want to get a reporter's attention, you have to make sure you have a killer pitch. So, not only do you need to avoid the common mistakes, but you also want to offer something no one else can.

Offer an exclusive. An exclusive is not going to work every time, but this usually increases your chances of having a major national media outlet or program pick up your story idea. However, this is only good if you have something really great to offer. Otherwise it undermines your credibility to only have one publication or media outlet report your story.

Make sure they know that you will take it elsewhere. One way to get a reporter's attention is to let them know if they are not going to bite on it, you will take it elsewhere. The last thing a reporter wants to do is miss out on an opportunity, and get in trouble with their boss because they could have picked up your story and passed, and someone else picked it up. This is not going to make them interested if they just aren't, but it can really work to tip the scales in your favor if there is some hesitation either way about the subject matter. Do not threaten, but make sure the reporter knows they have first option, but should they be hesitant, you won't be about taking it somewhere else.

Be aggressive. You are not going to get a reporter's attention by rolling over and crawling under a log the first time they tell you they are too busy, or say they will call you back and don't, or snap at you over the phone. Sometimes it is the most persistent person who gets the attention. So, do not be a thorn in their side, or a pain in their neck, but if they say they will call you back, and don't, pick up the phone and give them a call, or better yet, never give them the chance to say they will call you back, instead let them know you will call them back.

Set yourself up as an expert. We have talked about this before, but one of the best ways to get a reporter's attention is to show your value. If you can show a reporter that you are an expert on the subject, and that you can get them in touch with a whole network of other experts having to do with the subject, you are going to get a reporter's attention fast. They are going to see you as an opportunity to get good information with less work. This is good, reporters are busy! So, when you talk to a reporter, let them know of your ability to connect them with a large network of other experts, those who both agree with and oppose to your position. If you are on the phone with them, refer to yourself as an expert. If you are pitching over email, include the term expert in your signature.

If you can do these things, in addition to the other attention grabbing advice found in earlier emails, you will likely have their attention long enough to get your pitch across. However, having their attention is going to do you little good if they are the wrong person. So, tomorrow look for advice on how to identify the key media person to pitch your story or idea to.

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