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How to identify a key media person to send your pitch to

You have just spent a lot of time putting together the perfect pitch, figuring out how you are going to get the attention of the editor or reporter, and making sure you avoid the common mistakes. You have the perfect pitch. When you have the perfect pitch, you have to make sure you send it to the right person. If you send or make the pitch to the wrong person, it will do you little good. So, you will want to first identify the ideal publication, then the ideal person that works for the publication to pitch your idea to, then make your pitch.

So, how can you identify the key media publication to pitch to?
If you want to get your story or idea in a particular magazine or newspaper, the first thing you want to do is read the magazine or newspaper. As you read, take note of what you see, trends, common themes, etc. You will want to match your idea to the publication, their style, etc.

It might be wise to read several different papers and magazines and try to identify which magazines and papers would publish the kind of idea you have in mind. If you have to change your idea too much, the paper or magazine you are looking at is not likely a good fit. For example, Forbes is not likely to print an article about a cooking class. So, look fro something else.

Once you think you have found the right paper or magazine, read several back issues of the magazine(s) or check the online archives to get a feel for the readership, the topics covered, and the general tone of the articles. You are not going to get the right person if you do not know what they are looking for. Also, you want to read all of these back issues etc. to be certain that the magazine hasn't covered your idea in some fashion already. Also, look closely at the length of the articles and see if it fits your style. Once you know what publication is right for your story, it is time to find the key media person within that publication.

How do you find the key media person within that publication?
After you choose your publication, it is time to identify the key media personnel, to do this, you have a few options. You can look at who has written the majority of the articles that resemble the style and type of article you have in mind, and contact that person directly. Hopefully they will still be at the publication, and still writing the same style, or for the same section. Your other option, and often the better option is to simply call in. Your goal is to pinpoint the best editor or reporter for your idea. If need be, call the magazine or newspaper and ask which editor is best to contact for your genre of story idea, and how he or she prefers to be pitched-via e-mail, conventional mail, phone, etc. Then follow through to the letter. If they like email pitches, do not call. If they like phone, don't email. Do what they like, it increases your chances.

Well, you know it all, you have the right person, the right publication, the perfect pitch, an attention getter, etc. Now you just need to know how to make sure the reporter knows you are an expert so that your pitch will carry more weight. So, tomorrow, look for tips on how to offer yourself as an expert to get your pitch across.

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