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How to improve your marketing efforts through good PR

In the book Public Relations: Concepts and Practices written by Ray Simon, he quotes,
"Marketing and public relations both are major external functions of the firm and both share a common ground in regard to product publicity and consumer relations.At the same time, however, they operate on different levels and from different perspectives and perceptions.The traditional view is that marketing exists to sense, serve and satisfy customer needs at a profit. Public relations exists to produce goodwill in the company's various publics so that the publics do not interfere in the firm's profit-making ability."

However, the recent trend in economics today is to emphasize the similarities between a good marketing and public relations campaign.They have become increasingly intertwined within a business.Here are some examples on how the two business techniques go hand in hand and how good public relations can improve your marketing efforts. Public relations' immediate goal is positioning of the business with the public. Marketing's immediate goal is sales; positive public image for a company will increase sales and profitability.To measure the success of a positive public relations campaign you must look at the publics' opinion or support of your business.Your marketing campaign will measure its success by the number of sales, which is directly affected by the publics' view of your company.As you can see, you company's public relations is a very important aspect of a successful business.Let's now look at how to create quality
public relations results so that your marketing efforts are maximized.

Your reputation is one of your company's most important assets.Better relationships with customers, future prospects and the media affect your successes of failures of your business.It can also encompass how your own employees think and feel about their employer, which in turn affects your success as well.Your public relations employees are already in the "behavior business". Make sure they understand why it is so important that your audiences have a positive image of your company.When you can create, change or reinforce an opinion of your company by persuading, reaching and moving to the desired actions of those whose behaviors affect your business the most, your public relations mission is accomplished.It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to create a marketing campaign that will emphasize good public relations.You must know how to write a persuasive message that will affect and target your audience.It needs to be persuasive and believable, but also factual and honest.You want it to shift your audience's point of view to what you would want them to believe of your company

You must think about the best way for your business to communicate your message.Examples would be speeches, brochures, media interviews, newsletters and many others.Define your goals and objectives and have them be in line with your overall business and marketing objectives.One way to improve your marketing campaign through your public relations is that good planning is essential and can alter individual perceptions and lead to changes in your key audiences.Develop a schedule for your campaign.Coincide your public relations plan with other marketing and sales efforts.Finally, track your results of your public relations campaign.Did you achieve your objectives and goals?Did your marketing efforts improve your overall business plan?As always, you may find you may need to modify your campaigns.

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