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How to increase your celebrity power

Give me fame and fortune-but mostly, mostly fame! So goes many a fervent prayer across the U.S. and around the world. With the rise of reality television, becoming famous has never been so easy, and, what's more, fortune usually follows fame. Being a celebrity, of course, has its ups and downs. Celebrities complain about never getting a moment's peace, never being able to walk about quietly in public, always having to diet, resorting to expensive surgeries or risk becoming too unattractive for the fans-and so on and so forth.
Whenever I hear such complaints, the first thing I think is: Yes, but what about the money? What about the thrill of being loved and adored by hundreds, thousands, even millions of people? What about the multiple houses, cars, swimming pools, maids, you name it! What about the joys of being able to work creatively for a living? It's likely that most celebrities would admit to enjoying some of the more lavish and rewarding perks of fame. But it is a matter of balancing the good with the bad-celebrity, like everything else in life, is fraught with possibilities that are both negative and positive.

But let's say you're a minor celebrity already, and you want to increase your celebrity power. We want to start with the idea of a minor celebrity so that we can build up to somewhere. So, you're a minor celebrity seeking to increase your celebrity power? What does this mean, first of all? What does it mean, exactly, to increase your celebrity power?
Well, it could mean a lot of things. That, in fact, is the first step-deciding exactly what you mean by "increasing your celebrity power."Does it mean you want more influence politically? Does it mean you want a bigger say in where and when you perform? Does it mean that you want more money-is your definition of increasing your celebrity power simply a way of saying you want a celebrity's income? None of these answers are wrong of course. Depending on what you decide, they could all be wrong (for you) or all be right (for you). Let's say that your definition of increasing your celebrity power is to have more influence politically. Where would you start? Who would you see? Where would you go?
First things first. As a minor celebrity, you probably have an agent. Your agent is your representative to the world. Your agent gets you jobs (paychecks) and he or she tries to get your name up in lights, that is, get you in the public eye, introduce you to influential directors and actors. Your agent, then, would be a good place to start when it comes to increasing you celebrity power. Your agent can increase your celebrity power in a variety of ways, but let's stick with political influence for a moment. First, you'd have to tell your agent-"this, politics, is the direction that I want to go in." Get him or her rolling, get them on the ball. Next-and you'd surprised at the number of otherwise intelligent celebrities that get hung up on this one-know what your politics are. Read up on the issues. Know the debates. Increasing your celebrity power by any definition will ultimately come down to hard study and hard work if you really want to succeed.
So, talk to your agent, know your politics-and speak out on public affairs. Don't be too brash, too brawling; and DON'T come across as a know-it-all (the death knell for would-be celebrity politicians). If you do have some celebrity already, and you play your cards right-you speak moderately but passionately about the issues that concern you, and meanwhile your agent is hitting the streets and digging up opportunities for you-you should find that the public will slowly but surely grow aware of your presence.
Increasing your celebrity power, as we said before, can be defined in many ways. But whatever way it's defined, it's always going to require an agent, hard work, and intelligence. Put those things behind your wish to increase your celebrity power and your wish just might come true.

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