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How to use loyalty programs to build your business

Creating the right loyalty program to build your business is very important. This will be the difference in keeping and gaining loyal customers. Increased costs in obtaining new customers make the attraction to maintaining current customers all that more imperative.

The thing is there are simple steps that can bring about the best loyalty program for your company. The loyalty program to build your business can be essential in the competitive market of products and services playing field.

Competition is fierce now days. Price often drives the consumer's decisions. Consumers can pick and choose with about any product or service there is offered. This varies anywhere from pizza to cars.

Using these marketing tools to reward customers is not new. The biggest thing is to utilize the greater amount of advertising effectively.

Customers love to participate when the loyalty program is right. Now let's look at how to use a loyalty program to build your business.

First thing is first. Identify your best customer. Know the characteristics of your customer. Learn the difference between the customer who costs you money and the customer who pays you money. Frequency and volume do not define the best customer. The best customer is the one that brings you the most profit.

Creating a customized report or spreadsheet will help you recognize and evaluate each customer. Microsoft has several tools available to do this. Simply put the name, the amount spent, what they purchase, and frequency. What profit are you getting from these customers? The bulk of the data is gathered when customers sign up. Later, information is collected through surveys and during transactions.

With this powerful information you are now ready to create the list! This list will help you know how to reward your most loyal customers to build your business. At this time you will want to section off the customers from greatest profit to least. Focus on the fact that you want to get the best customers to come back and spend more money.

Some rewards you can offer to the best customers would be frequent buyer clubs, buy one get one free offers, also time sensitive promotions and get more for your money.
In-kind rewards are less costly and are clearly associated with your business. So you own a pizza parlor. Your reward could be a free pizza after the purchase of 5 other pizzas. Or have special days that your best customers can come in and get a great discount on their favorite hot and gooey pizza.

Bring attention to your loyalty program by sending personalized thank you notes, send reminders, and email offers, in addition to holiday, birthday, and steep discounts. Enticing the customer is the most important part. The customer needs to have correct expectations. This way they can continue to make more purchases to reach their goal.

Recognize when a great customer is in making another purchase. Also, watch for new customers in addition to low spending customers so as to entice them to become another one of your best customers.

Follow through with your loyalty program to build your business. Do not just start the program up and leave it to survive. Walk every step of the way through it. Being personable and showing your appreciation to your best customer using this program will increase profit and sales overall.

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