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Improving your company's website

womanatcomputersmiling19167076.jpgSearch engine optimization relies on your company's website to increase the amount of traffic that is being directed to your website. Search engine optimization does not just increase all traffic to your website; it focuses on increasing quality traffic to your website. Search engine optimization works because it focuses on how search engines work, how the search engines go about indexing your website to rank you in the search engine pages. Search engine optimization also considers what people are searching for. What you as a business owner needs to do are to consider what your customers are going to be looking for, such as what words would they be using to search for your website, called keywords. You will want to design your website to allow the search engines to index your website based on the most popular keywords that your customers will use.

The main focus of search engine optimization is to adjust your website's content and HTML code to increase the traffic to your website. When it comes to getting more traffic to your company's website there are two main things that you can do to increase that traffic. Either you can buy hits for your website or you can generate the hits yourself.

Buying hits
This is a rather easy way to help increase the traffic to your company's website because you don't have to do anything yourself, all you have to do is spend money. One thing that you want to keep in mind is that this is a temporary solution, but it can also cost you anywhere from nothing to $1.00 per hit. Here is how buying hits actually works:

  • Free hits - these are actually going to cost you something in the long run, they cost you repeat business. The reason for this is that with free hits when you purchase them you are also purchasing pops ups that the companies that offer the free hits require you to use either pop up or pop down windows. The worst thing about pop up or pop down windows is that many people who encounter them don't go back to that website because the pop ups drive them crazy. This in turn results in lost traffic for your website

  • Paying for hits - when you pay for the hits you will get what you pay for, the higher the price the better the service is going to be. You will get more traffic from purchasing hits, but the closer you are paying to $1.00 per hit the better quality that you are going to get, meaning it is quality targeted traffic that you are paying for.

Generating hits
Most business cannot justify constantly paying for traffic to their websites because not all of the traffic is going to result in sales. The only other alternative that you have to get more traffic to your website is to generate your own hits, meaning get traffic to come to your website on your own. In order to generate an increase in traffic you are going to need to do some hard work on your own, but you are also going to have to be diligent in your work. The good news is that doing this is not going to cost you anything but your own time and the willingness to work hard.

Buying hits and generating hits are both considered white hat search engine optimization tactics. What this means is that search engines approve the use of both of these methods because they are not involved in trying to deceive your customers in anyway. The types of methods that you want to avoid are black hat search engine optimization tactics that rely on deceiving the search engines because it can get your website banned from the search engines or at the least removed.

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