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Integrating PR and marketing


Integrating PR and marketing is a great idea for any business that would like to become successful and reach a larger consumer audience. PR is notorious for developing amazing press releases that will generate a buzz for your company, allowing your marketing department to capitalize on this new attention. PR is also used to help the company regain its reputation when bad media coverage, poor product releases, and scandalous employees hurt its image.

Individuals that are properly training in PR know how to word things just right to sway the opinions and attitudes of powerful members of the media.

To integrate PR and marketing, look at some of the projects you both encounter on a daily or weekly basis. Figure out how you can combine some of these projects to save time and money. Instead of writing the press releases for new product launches, send the information over to the PR department and let them come up with an amazing press release. Since you are both focused on improving the image of the company, look for ways you can do this together.

Perhaps you can try collaborating on a blog site or developing articles for your web site. This is a great way to build your company image and establish your company as the only one "in the know" when it comes to certain topics.

Smart PR uses stories to build the credibility of a company and help customers gain an emotional connection to the company. Unlike marketing, PR actually looks at the company as a human. They seek to let others know that the company is not just about making money and being successful. In fact, they spend millions of dollars to help their customers understand this through press release writing, article writing, blogging, and social networking on the big sites.

The goal for most PR departments is to get on the news stations to share emotional stories that help the customer connect to the company.

To help PR work to the best of their abilities, take advantage of some of the connections you have. When they produce an amazing press release, don't just share it with the media, share it with other people that impact your business like your repeat customers or donors. It also helps to list the press release on your web site so others can find it quickly if they need to reference it.

One of the most important aspects of solid PR and marketing is to remain consistent. This not only means you need to place your logo on everything so customers can recognize it, you also need to take a look at your web site and the inbound links. If you are promoting one thing and your customers are taken to a different page on your web site, it will become frustrating for them and they may even opt to look at a different web site altogether. Making sure the right message is tied to the right promotion is important to building consistency with your customers and strengthening your relationships with them.

A great way to integrate PR and marketing is to start creating your own video series. Spend time educating the public about something that is important to your company. Video series are a great way to build your reputation and it's a great marketing strategy because you need to keep uploading new information, which helps to put your company name out there more. The other benefit of video series is that you can actually start hosting classes with them and you can start charging subscribers money for one-on-one classes or group classes.

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