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Magazine advertising


A great way to boost your business is to involve your company in magazine advertising. Magazine advertising is a great print advertising method that will expose your company to your target audience. Consumers are more likely to trust the ads in magazines because they know the company needs to pay to advertise there, unlike the internet and other places where some advertising is free. When people can post free ads; the changes for fraud doubles almost immediately.

Companies that want to build a relationship of trust with their customers are wise to invest in magazine advertising. Since the customer already knows the company is legitimate because they have to purchase their ad, they trust their web site. You also get the ability to have your ad posted in the online version of the magazine, which will help to boost your web site rankings.

The difference from marketing in a magazine from online and in newspapers is that the customers usually see your ads once a week or once a month versus daily. While this may not help to remind them about your company often, they will place value on your ads. When you create a unique ad using high-quality pictures, customers are more likely to visit your web site.

Magazine advertising holds several benefits over other print marketing methods, here are a few to consider:

  • You save money on mailing costs. Since your ad is in a magazine, it is up to them to mail it and to promote it. You just need to create it and sit back while they do all the hard work.
  • The quality of the ad far surpasses the quality of newspaper ads. Generally magazine ads are printed on thicker, glossy paper. This causes the images to look sharper and it gives ad added appeal to your ad.
  • Most magazine ads are full-color. When you are able to have your ad printed in full color, it immediately provides an appeal to your customers and it will draw their attention.
The nice thing about magazine advertisings is that you can re-use the same ad. Since customers only see it weekly or monthly, they are less-likely to remember all the details about it. Re-running it will expose them to it several times and it can help to get cemented into their brain so they will contact your company for more information. Since most companies will re-run the same ad over and over, it helps to create an ad you are really proud of. Don't just throw one together quickly; create one that you can stand to see 12 times for the same press check.

Magazine ads are a little trickier from other types of print marketing. With post cards and other mailers, you can place a sense of urgency on the customers to visit your store. With a magazine ad, the ad is not immediate so the expiration date may pass before the customer ever gets a chance to see the ad. Usually the magazine companies ask for the ads 2-3 months in advance. They like to have the layout ready to go so all they need to do is put in their stories. Careful planning will help you come up with a good ad that still installs a sense of urgency.

When you are creating your magazine campaign strategy, consider the type of audience you want to reach. Are you looking for a specific niche market? If so, you may want to consider advertising in service or industry magazines. You also have the option of advertising in consumer magazines, but this is usually a broader market so it's hard to target your niche.

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