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Make A Difference With Social Marketing

What are the marketing messages and programs that are working well for your organization? What are some of the unexplored areas of marketing that you may want to consider adding to your marketing mix? There are so many different areas of marketing that it can be challenging for you to figure out which ones you need to add to your mix and which ones need to be removed. One of the areas that some companies have yet to explore is social marketing. What is social marketing and how do you get involved in it?

We live in a world that is social and one that is in need of constant communication. This is why there are so many different programs out there like social media pages. Look at the popularity of Facebook and Twitter and how many businesses are finding success with them. If they are not part of your marketing mix yet, they need to be. What makes social media so powerful is the fact that you have instant contact with your customers but you also have access to customer preferences and things that have a big influence over the way in which they shop for your products.

With social media many companies do believe that they can influence the way that their customers shop for products. Many organizations will send out quick messages to their customers to market the company and watch sales peak within a few minutes of a message going out. Having this type of power over your customers is a great way to gain sales in a hurry but it is a great way to convince other people to start following you online. The more customers you can get on social media sites, the more influence you can have and the easier it will be to have a boost in sales in a hurry.

Social marketing is so powerful because you have so many people to reach out to at once. This makes it so much easier for you to market to a larger audience without needing to spend a ton of money. Like any type of marketing program that you use, you need to understand the basic principles to social media marketing to become a success. Here are some of the things that you want to work on as you are working to make a big difference with social media marketing:
1. Message - when it comes to social media you have to communicate with your customers quite differently than you do with other marketing messages. Hard sells online are not going to work. People are social on these sites and they want to read messages that are based on social influences versus on other things like business. They want valuable information from you or they are not going to continue following your organization for long.
2. Active - social media sites are constantly updated and filled with a lot of new information. You need to make sure you are active on the social media sites and that you are posting credible information and that you are posting often. Some companies will post daily where others only post a few times a week. Notice the response rate from your customers to see how often you should be posting to them.
3. Influences - what influences customers? PRICE! This is something that you want to focus on with your posts as people want to see a price so they can debate if they should consider clicking on the link that you are adding to the post. Consider the diversity of your customers as the economy will have a huge impact on the motivation behind their purchasing decisions.

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