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Making on-off customers permanent business

chartthree30393001.JPGMost every business has a few on-off customers. The on-off customer is the person that will purchase from your company and then won't purchase from your company again for a long time or they just won't purchase again. The on-off customer is very dangerous for businesses because they need repeat customers to survive. While you should always be on the hunt to find new customers, you cannot make this your only goal. To increase business, you need to find a way to make on-off customers permanent business.

When you think about it, marketing to on-off customers is a smarter idea than marketing to a whole new audience. The on-off customer already knows your products and services. The on-off customer is familiar with your customer service policy and pricing structure. The on-off customer already knows about your company and the type of quality you produce. You do not need to spend millions to inform them about your products, they already know. Instead, you need to spend money to convince them keep buying and stop buying from your competitors. If you need some help convincing your on-off customers to become permanent customers, here are some suggestions to try:

  • Ask your customers to come back and purchase items regularly. Why do coupons work so well? It's not just because customers can get a discount, they have a reason to shop at the store within a set amount of time. Find ways to get your customers to come and visit often. Retailers often change their stock every other week to encourage customers to keep coming back. This is a great way to boost your sales and to encourage customer loyalty.

  • Create products that require renewals or replacements. If you sell software, charge a fee for customer service. You can then have your customers pay when they call or pay for an entire year's worth of service. You can do this with other products too. Take a look at ink cartridges. This is a great product that requires the customer to keep coming back for more. Replacement and renewal products are the perfect way to turn an on-off customer into a regular one.

  • Remind your customers that the product or service you offer is one of a kind. Find a way to convince them that your competitors cannot offer what you do and this is why they need to keep coming back to your company for more.

  • Look for ways to fix your current products. Quite often your on-off customers want to keep buying your products, they are just unhappy with something. Even offering the same product in different colors may satisfy them because they just wanted more variety.

  • Continue producing new products. Customers want to see you produce products that are different from your competitors. They want to make sure that you can keep up with market trends and find a way to enhance your profits. Creating new products will attract your on-off customers and it will bring in some new customers along with it.

  • Stay in touch with your customers via email and direct mail pieces. Even if it takes them 6 months to come back and purchase something, they will be in the loop with your company and the different things you are doing. Once something looks attractive to them, they will buy from you again. Staying in contact with them is the perfect way to build a good relationship with them. Don't forget to encourage your existing customers to use word-of-mouth marketing. This will keep your on-off customers in the loop and it may encourage them to come back and shop from you again.

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