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Marketing with poor PR

How can your company improve their image if they have a poor PR department? How do you market with poor PR? PR certainly has an important role to play in the marketing and communication world. It isn't easy to fix problems if you have a poor PR department.

Poor PR case studies
Imagine going to a fast food restaurant and seeing a severed finger in your chili! How about learning the toy your child is playing with has lead based paint? Or learning the hamburger you just bought is linked to an outbreak of ecoli! These are all media stories we have heard in recent years. The biggest thing is, how does your company recover from these potential PR disasters?

Wendy's did not handle the finger in chili situation well and it lead to a media disaster for the company. Their reputation was severely damaged lead to near bankruptcy for the company.

The lead-based paint issue is still ongoing problem for Japanese toy makers. Many U.S. companies have discontinued their contracts with them for the production of the toys. The toy companies have had to spend millions of dollars in recalls and their name continues to be dragged through the mud.

Ecoli is a major scare to millions of people, especially when a death in your area is linked to ecoli. Farmer took a hit when their spinach was found to have ecoli in it from the fertilizer they used. Again this case cost the farmers, grocery stores and people lots of money.

How do your market with poor PR?
From the above cases, it is hard for a company to start over and market when their image has been so severely destroyed. So the real question is, how do you market with poor PR?

First, you need to admit your mistakes apologize to the public. Assure people of your commitment to their needs. You need to build the trust of your customers again. This is not an easy task to do.

Second, have an action plan. If your PR department is lacking, have a back-up plan. Your marketing team needs to be trained on how to fix the problems PR has created. Start by building your reputation again. Building respect in your field make take months or years to do so be ready for a long time consuming process.

Third, create a new product that will "wow" your customers and will compel them to take a second chance on your company. Start with a new marketing strategy on the promotion of this product and back it up with good customer service. Give your clients a reason to trust you.

The marketing department and PR department need to sit down together and put together a strategy on how to fix the bad reputation your company has acquired. Here are some key questions to answer in your meeting:

  • - How can you make people listen when you promote your product?

  • - What are the critical keys for damage control?

  • - How can you track your PR results?

  • - How can you become a national story for the press?

  • - How can you develop a press room the media will appreciate?

Once you have hammered out a good PR strategy to follow along with your marketing plan, all the blocks will fall into place and you will be able to start building your reputation in the market again. Just remember to be patient, it can take a long time to build a good PR department, especially if they are recovering from a media disaster. Having a good marketing strategy in place will help your PR department succeed in many ways. Giving the PR department trust and leverage will also help to unite the company in a team effort.

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