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Mobile Marketing Reports

One of the concerns that many people have about mobile marketing is the way to track results and employ metrics. However, tracking the results of your mobile marketing campaign could not be easier. In most cases you employ many of the same methods you would to track web results. The following is a look at some of the mobile marketing report features you want to look for, so you can track your success with this method of advertising:

Customized Reports- These are reports that are customized to fit within certain time frames, or use certain keywords, and only include the things you are interested in knowing. You want a metric system that allows you to track mobile activity based on specific parameters that you set. This helps you see how well certain ploys work, such as a contest or poll, via an informational message.

Export reports- One feature that makes tracking and understanding your mobile marketing metrics is the ability to export the reports you get into XLS, CSV, or XML. This makes them more usable to you, and thus a greater asset in creating your marketing plans for the future.

Dashboard- Sometimes you are in a hurry and just want a quick look at the overall health of your marketing campaign, mobile or otherwise. Look for a dashboard feature that allows you to get a snapshot of the activity without all the detail. You want something that will aggregate the stats, and narrow down the most common activities so you can see the bigger picture, not all the little details.

Filter result sets- When measuring and tracking the results of your mobile marketing, look for a function that allows you to create reports based on filtered data, thus creating the report you need, not one with extraneous information that is not something you want to consider at the time. Being able to filter your results can help you hone in on specific targets and goals.

Real-time reporting- Measuring is important because it helps you adjust and tweak your plan so that you are not wasting, time, energy, resources, etc. on something that is not working. Thus, having real time reports is a must, as this will help you see your mobile activity in real-time, and be able to keep tabs on things like subscriptions, feedback, inquiries, votes, contest entries, etc. In other words, it means the information you need at your fingertips, when you need it.

Mobile marketing is a great way to get personal with your potential consumers, as well as your existing consumers. You can use it to alert customers of sales, or promotions, to provide information, etc. However, neglecting to track it is a mistake. Tracking and measuring your mobile activity through mobile marketing reports allows you to spend your mobile marketing money and other resources more effectively, and in doing so, also gain a larger market share, and fill customer needs better.

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