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Mobile marketing success

he rise of mobile internet is not something to be ignored. More and more people are using their mobile devices, smart phones, iPods, iPads, and other tablets, to access the internet, find information, find entertainment and more. Thus, mobile marketing is also on the rise. Mobile marketing has a high likelihood for success, and is something every company should engage in. Here's why:

1. High accessibility- One of the biggest benefits of using mobile marketing is that your marketing message is going to end up in front of the potential users. Why? Because people carry their mobile phones with them, and tend to have them wherever they are. This means high accessibility on the end of the user. In addition, a mobile marketing campaign is highly accessible for the company as well. You can set it up to send secure messages via text to your whole list, or segmented lists right from your marketing director's phone.

2. Compatibility between networks and devices- Most mobile marketing platforms are not going to be device or network specific. You won't only be able to reach users with AT&T for example, instead, as you build your mobile marketing lists with subscription, etc. you will find that you do not have barriers, but can send targeted and specific messages despite network or device.

3. Personable device- The beauty of mobile marketing is that you are using a personal device, so you can get personal. The messages are more targeted because you can send your messages to specific user groups by segmenting your list. In other words, you can have highly specific messages, sent to highly targeted consumers.

4. Direct communication with the users- You are basically sending them a text or a link, and they can message you back, respond, and even ask questions. You are not just advertising any more, but providing them with information, talking to them, simplifying their life, etc.

5. Ease of measuring results- Mobile marketing metrics are fairly simple. You can use auto responders to figure out how much response you are getting from a specific blast. You can use unique codes, URLs, and coupon codes to measure the response. This means that you can get rid of marketing ploys that aren't working, and stick with the messages, tactics, contests, etc. that are.

6. Interactive marketing- It is going to help you more quickly engage your customer, and market to them in a way that makes sense to them. The world as a whole is using mobile phones for a lot more than it was a few years back. They have become MP3 players, internet connectors, fashion accessories and more. They are a part of the life of the user, and marketing to these mobile devices is a great way to get personal and engage the customer. In addition, you can run contests, polls, voting and interactive marketing techniques to get familiar with your customer, and help them become familiar with you.

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