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Most used forms of internet marketing

Business owners of all kinds around the world are beginning to learn first-hand the long-term value of using the internet to promote their businesses in the online environment. When you are promoting your business, there are five methods that clearly occupy the top five positions in the ratings for use and effectiveness. These methods are not listed in any order of effectiveness, but just for informational purposes.Here are the most used forms of internet marketing-

  1. Search Engine Listings-This is a simple search listing that anyone can find on their computer.They simply type in the type of business they are searching for and are presented a listing of applicable businesses. There are many ways that business owners can do this.There are search engines that charge very low listing fees or are even free.You can list your business and expand your potential customer base by an unknown number due to the large reach the internet has. One of the few downsides to this is that your business can be lost in a multitude of listings.This is the most used form of internet marketing.

  2. Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Listings-With this type of listing you buy keywords or keyword phrases from the provider. When your purchased keywords are placed into the search engine query, your ad will appear in the paid listings next to the global results.While small business owners may worry that this type of listing is too expensive the benefit to this is that with all systems, you only pay a fee if someone clicks your link to visit your website. Keep in mind though that many providers will be checking to see if your company is being visited enough and that your purchased keywords are relevant to your offerings.

  3. Website Advertising-If you have posted a website for your business than you will want to be advertising on your site. It is important to know though that some sites offer their advertising at very reasonable rates, while others offer ad rates that make them viable advertising possibilities for only the largest businesses. It is crucial that you always select a website for your advertising where you suspect people in your potential marketplace actually visits.

  4. Ezine Advertising-This can be a very effective method of using the internet to market your product or service but you should know that when you advertise in ezines (online newsletters), you run into the same factors that you do with website advertising. Some sites have high ad rates, while others do not. Some sites have high readership, and some do not. And all of them are designed to target a certain segment of our population. As with every other type of advertising when shopping ezines to advertise in, you should always target the readers you hope to attract to your business. You must also make sure that the cost of advertising is within your budget and reaches the number of people that is needed to keep your advertising cost-effective.Most ezines are offered at a Cost per Thousand subscriber rate.

  5. Free-Reprint Promotional Articles-If you are using this type of internet marketing you will see Free-Reprint Articles as a tool to promote your business. You will begin to see your Classified Ad / Resource Box in the reading sections of ezines of all types and all of your articles will appear in the ezines that most likely will target your potential customers. With a free-reprint article, you are doing the publishers a favor by giving them quality reading materials that they can then share with their readers. At the end of each article is what is known as a "Resource Box". This resource box is like a short "About the Author" piece that will resemble a short classified ad. As a general rule, the resource box should be no more than 6 lines by 65 characters. By limiting the size of the resource box, the writer is increasing his or her chance to see his or her article in print. As a general rule, by using free-reprint articles to promote your business, you can expect to gain approximately $100 worth of free advertising for every dollar you spend to create and distribute your articles. When you write articles that are consistent with the topics that your potential clientele are interested in you can stretch your advertising dollar by a huge amount.

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