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Press Releases for SEO

accountant37004036.jpgPress releases are a great form of marketing, and can be used for your off-page search engine optimization. They are a great way to alert others to your existence, and create some links. If you do these well, they can increase targeted traffic to your site.

When writing a press release for SEO, you want to do so with the following four objectives in mind:

1. Make your brand more visible in the marketplace. One of the best ways to do this is to write keyword optimized press releases, and submit them to free press release website. This will help your brand become more visible in the marketplace, create leads, and generate sales. In other words, improves SEO and profits.
2. Take advantage of existing resources. When you create a press release with SEO in mind, you don't want to convince people to visit a place they have never been before, instead you are going to use media your prospects already visit, and focus on making your message visible there, so that they will see it and come to you. In other words, post where the viewers are, and the viewers will come to you.
3. Have something worth linking. You will get more traffic, high placement on SERPs, organic links, high quality links if the press release you post is worth linking to. So, while optimizing for key words, also optimize for readability and usage from humans, not just search engine algorithms, as that is what gets you links.
4. Get industry publications to pick up your press releases. Again, high quality releases are what industry publications pick up.

After you write a press release that you think it optimized for SEO, what do you do with it? You submit it. The top two free press release websites are and You can submit press releases to them for free. They have high Google Page Rank, and while it may not have the best interface out there, it is getting traffic and thus, people will see what you post there. Again, remember objective 2, post where the people already are. The sites are free, but may offer ways to upgrade in order to add banners, hyper links etc. Any links you do get from these sites will be valuable because their page rank is 5, which is great. So, consider your budget, and determine if you want perks like no other press releases displayed, or no advertising, or whatever the case may be.

Once you post it, don't just cross your fingers and hope, make sure that if you do get links and traffic that your site is in the condition to receive them and not have high exit rates because of a poor quality site, or poor follow through on your part. If you go to the trouble of writing an excellent SEO focused press release, make sure you have what it takes to back it up.

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