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Putting together media tip sheets

Whether you have already gotten a reporter's attention, or are looking to get it, putting together a media tip sheet is a great idea. Reporters love these tip sheets because they make their life easier, and readers love them.

A media tip sheet is a great way to get a reporter's attention, and have them think more about your pitch.

So, what exactly is a media tip sheet?
A media tip sheet is one page of 5 to 12 tips that help people solve a problem.

How do you put together a media tip sheet?

What you do, is you become the solution. You say, "Here is how you can do this." Then you give several tips for doing just that, and a great headline on top. Then, last but not least, you include some information about where the tips are from. If you are promoting a book, they could be from that, if you are a consultant, they can be from your business, if you decorate cakes, mow lawns, etc. It does not really matter what you do, you can make a tip sheet, use it to get media attention, and promote yourself and your services through it. You just have to remember to include some key things, and put it together right.

You should always give your website URL if you have one, and perhaps your telephone number and your email address. The reporter won't likely cut this material out because it benefits them to tell their readers where the tips came from. So, in this way, not only do you get a reporter's attention, and kind of set yourself up as an expert, but you also get some free publicity.

Just remember when putting together a media tip sheet, you have to have the following:
1. Between 5 to a dozen good quality tips. You do not want to just state the obvious, a reporter won't print it, and readers will not care. For example, you might own a landscaping company, and you are giving tips on how to keep your lawn looking great. Do not say, "Water it!" Instead say, "Water your lawn at night so the water does not evaporate, and thus has a chance to do some good." That is much more useful of a tip.

2. Your headline has to be catchy, that is what grabs readers and gets them interested enough to look at what you have to offer. You want it to be punchy, but also clear and to the point. Some examples include things like:

  • "5 Ways to Fire an Employee"
  • "8 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make When Working Out."
  • "Tips and Tricks for Looking Great in Five Minutes or Less"

3. Some way for people to contact you for more information, or to use your services.

Your media tip sheet can be on something silly like how to make your kids lunch more fun, how to reduce your cellulite, or something more serious like how to invest in penny stocks. It just has to help people with a problem they may have. When you present it to a reporter with your pitch, you may want to let them know you have more to offer in other areas of your industry if they are interested.

A tip sheet is going to be a great way to get a reporter's attention, and make them interested in you as a future source. So, tomorrow look for more ideas on how to become a golden source for reporters so they will use you again and again.

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