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Using SEO with marketing

Every business is looking for ways to boost sales. Marketing teams have long been incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) into their marketing efforts to boost web site traffic. Having a good search engine optimization (SEO) campaign strategy is a great way to boost rankings and attract new clients. Several web sites were designed without proper balance and the web crawlers will overlook certain web sites because they are not designed for them. Several companies realized the importance of creating a site that the web crawlers like, so the entire site was designed for web crawlers. Having a site that is only designed for web crawlers means poor design and frustrating navigation for customers.

The search engines and actual users see web sites in a completely different format. A web site may look user friendly, but lacking in SEO tools or vice-versa. Finding a balance design is not as difficult as it may sound. For SEO, text content is what the web crawlers use to determine the rankings. The web crawlers use the text in META Tags, Page headers, URLs, and the actual content on the page. By placing the text in the first 1/3 of the code, the crawler will read it faster and move on to the next page. To make the balance design for potential customers, place the keywords in the first 2-3 sentences, but make it readable and easy to understand. This way the web crawlers and clients are reading the same thing and interpreting it in the way it works for them. Images are another tool to use for balance design. By adding an ALT tag to an image, the web crawler is able to read it and potential customers are able to view the images.

The web site title is another key tool in balance design. The web crawlers read it and so do customers. When people bookmark a page on their favorites, the title page will be bookmarked. The web crawlers and customers are both are given a clear understanding of what the web page is about and customers can evaluate if the web page is worth exploring.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO Marketing Strategy
This web site provides great tips on how to implement SEO into your companies marketing strategy. It gives you 4 simple tips to follow to increase site traffic and boost your internet search rankings.

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Wikipedia's view of SEO provides a great definition about Search Engine Optimization. It talks about the different tools webmasters use when they implement SEO into their company. It also discusses reasons why SEO may not always be appropriate for every company.

Global Promoter
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Traffic Booster
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Web Conferencing for SEO
This is a great web site to learn about what SEO marketing is about. It provides clients with a web conference to learn more information and provides great advice on simple ways to generate higher rankings.

What is SEO?
This article talks about search engine optimization and how it is used in marketing strategies. It talks about the different techniques companies use to boost their site rankings and generate more traffic.

Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines receive over 900 million searches on a daily basis. Each search is a potential customer for a particular type of company. So many businesses prefer SEO since the customer is already searching; all they have to do is make sure their name ranks as high as possible on the search results list. The goal of SEO is to increase customer visits to a web site through the use of appropriate keywords and search phrases.

Several companies outsource SEO to consulting firms that specialize in creating SEO marketing campaigns. These outside companies generally review all the content on an existing site and they evaluate the overall structure of the site as well. Most firms will give technical advice on web site development such as redirects, error pages, JavaScript, and hosting problems. Keyword research is one area that will take some time. The keywords are simple terms used by consumers to find a particular product or company. For example, a person searching for a digital camera will go to one of the search engine sites and type "digital camera, digital camera prices, digital SLR, etc." Any word they use to describe the product becomes a keyword. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines offer SEO services to businesses. As a member of their service, the company has the ability to browse keywords and select the popular keyword searches for their product. Since this is an in-depth process, outside firms have taken over this job and created software programs to do it for them. Outside SEO companies will also offer content development, SEO training, and expertise in other marketing fields.

Several of the search engines will feature paid advertising and free organic search results. For most of the search engines, the paid advertising will not have any influence over the rank of a page in search results. The best time to hire an SEO company is when your web site is being redesigned or launched. The SEO Company and the web designer can incorporate codes and make the web site a search engine-friendly site. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines have cracked down on the SEO companies that use unethical methods to get their site to the top of the search engine rankings. Several companies discovered ways to manipulate the web crawlers, to combat this, the major search engines have blacklisted some sites from appearing in search results or they have given the site a negative adjustment. The web crawlers are changing all the time with new coding so SEO companies can't manipulate them.

Two of the common scams include shadow and doorway scams. A shadow scam is where a site funnels users to a site with deceptive redirects. A doorway scam is when a web page is loaded with several keywords throughout the web site. Pay per click campaigns are a large part of SEO marketing strategies. While it is simple to use the other SEO tools, Pay Per Click campaigns require additional efforts to compliment the search results. Pay Per Click campaigns will boost the chances of higher site traffic, but it is up to how much money the company can spend on marketing. Pay Per Click campaigns are wonderful tools to target new audiences with the product.

One of the best features of Pay Per Click campaigns is that they are easy to put together and can be up and running on the internet within the hour. Pay Per Click campaigns are perfect for times when the marketing department would like to run a short promotion to clear out inventory or other things. Pay Per Click advertising can become expensive since the company has to pay for every click on the advertisement. It is essential to have a budget at to how much money can be set aside for Pay Per Click advertising.

Web sites are designed to be viewed by people searching for information about a particular service, product, or just general information. Out of all the search engines, Google is by far the most popular. Google alone generates 70% of all search related activity. It is simple to establish the account with the major search engines, and it won't cost you a cent to list your account in their search fields. Anyone that chooses to run a marketing campaign will need to establish a Pay Per Click campaign with the major search engines. Knowing the area your target audience will be searching is another helpful tool. If your company is marketing to a small audience, it is important to understand the type of web sites they are visiting on a daily basis and what keywords they are using to find those sites. In the past it has been a common strategy to use the same keywords as your competitors. While using the same keywords will end up landing your company in a sponsored search tag, it will cost a lot of money for every click that comes through. The best way to use keywords is to find the popular ones and incorporate them into your web site. Search engines will crawl for quality information about a topic that is related to the keyword used by a consumer.

SEO is a full-time job and takes a long time to implement. No one has successfully learned and implemented SEO into a company overnight. Since there is a long learning curve with SEO, it is a wise decision to search for SEO companies that have trained webmasters that are prolific in SEO tools. Always check on the credibility of the SEO company and make sure they are offering promises that are too good to be true. Hiring a full-time web master that is trained in SEO will also be a wise decision because they have the ability to understand what the search engines are looking for and the different marketing strategies businesses can use with SEO. Even a trained SEO webmaster will have a large learning curve and it could take months before the SEO campaign is up and running.

The internet is a great tool for expanding the customer pool and creating brand awareness. In order for a web site to succeed, it needs to generate a lot of traffic. The traffic that is coming to the site must be the correct audience. This is why SEO is so important to marketers, because it teaches them how to target the correct traffic. The only factor marketers need to keep in mind is the budget. The cost of Pay Per Click advertising quickly adds up, especially if competitors are clicking on your link just to boost up the price. Sometimes it is better to pay for the keywords that are ranked second or third instead of first. Having your site listed under those keywords will still allow your site to pull up in the searches and with good marketing; your site can take over the top spot.

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