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Using social networking websites as a marketing tactic

busfriends30396999-1.jpgWhile most business owners know that advertising is a form of marketing and marketing is a way to get your business's message out to a target group of customers, what they are not aware of is how they can effectively use social networking websites as a marketing tactic. How you can use social networking websites as a marketing tactic is going to vary based on your businesses marketing plan.

Social networking websites are great to use for marketing because it is a fast and easy way to reach a select group of people to market to. If you plan to use social networking websites to market your business to potential customers you will need to research the websites you are considering using to ensure that your target group is using that social networking website or if you have to approach a different website. For example, Facebook is used by more middle-aged adults than teenagers. MySpace is used by more teenagers and young adults than middle-aged adults.

Using social networking websites will also help increase the amount of traffic that is directed to your website because you can include a link to your website on your profile that you have created. You can also use your profile to promote your business. If you are considering using social networking website to market your business here are the various marketing tactics you can use.

Number one: Banner ads or pay per click advertising
One way to advertise on Social networking websites is banner ads or pay per click. These ads are how Social networking websites generates its revenue, but it is also a great way for you to advertise your company. Social networking websites chooses where to place your ad, and from there users can click on the banners and go directly to your website. Although you have to pay for these advertisements, it is still worth the money because of the amount of members Social networking websites has.

Number two: Create a profile

You can also create a profile on the social networking website, which will allow you to promote your business. Creating a profile on most social networking websites is free, unless you pay a company to design your profile to make it stand out. With all of the pre-made layouts and layout generators available on the internet, you could most likely design your page by yourself, thus saving money. By creating an account, you are putting your company logo out there for other people to see. When people add you as a friend, your company's logo will appear on their friends list, which in turn might cause other people to add you. The higher the amount of people who add you as a friend or see your company logo, the better your advertising will be.

Number three: Word of mouth
Word of mouth can be spread on social networking websites because people are constantly talking to their friends, and you can talk to other people. With Social networking websites you can post a comment on a friend's profile that says you loved this product or service because it got the job done or something else. By posting this comment on your friends profile it is now public, anybody who uses or visits Social networking websites can read the comment. They in turn might tell their friends, and the cycle just keeps on repeating.

Number four: Surveys
The same type of surveys you hand out in malls or on the sidewalk can be accomplished on social networking websites. The surveys will be able to provide you with information that your company can use to increase traffic to your website, improve your website, or make changes to your product or customer service to better serve your customers.

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