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Using surveys on MySpace to market your business

womanatcomputersmiling19167076.jpgWhile surveys in general are pretty much the same, you ask questions and fill in the answers; you can customize any survey to fit your need. Some websites offer free surveys for MySpace, all you have to do is fill in the answers to the questions, generate the code and copy and paste it into your MySpace profile. Other websites offer you the opportunity to create your own survey, either by choosing from a list of questions or by creating your own questions. As a business majority of the pre-made surveys will not be appropriate for your profile, so if you have an IT department you can have them write the code needed for your survey or you can find a website that offers you to create your own survey questions.

Surveys are used for a variety of reasons. They can be used to share general information with others, get consumers opinions on products or services, and they can be used to do research. Many businesses use surveys for research when they are making a new product or trying to find out if a new type of service will work. Sometimes companies will provide the product to a consumer for free and ask them to fill out a survey about how the product worked, if any improvements could be made, their likes and dislikes, etc. When you are in business getting your customers, feedback is important, because if your customers are not happy your business will not succeed. has become a popular social networking website, with millions of people logging in each day. MySpace profiles are not limited to just individuals, businesses can also create one. Since MySpace profiles are free for all users, by creating a profile you are getting free publicity. Now the trick is to get the millions of people logging in to view your company's profile. One way to make your page stand out is to utilize MySpace surveys.

One way to use a survey on MySpace is to create the survey and post it on your profile. This works well for a general survey about your company. It can give potential customers important information about your company beyond the scope of just simply filling out the boxes on MySpace. It will also be customized for your business so it will make your layout unique.

Another way to use surveys on MySpace is to post one as a blog. If you have your blog settings open anybody browsing your profile can see the survey and read it. You never know when somebody decides they like your survey so much that they are going to copy and paste it and circulate it among their friends. This will generate more publicity for you if you have some questions on the survey that mention your company by name.

The last way to use surveys is to post one as a bulletin. When people join your "friends list" on MySpace they have an option to subscribe to your bulletins. By creating a survey for people to fill out and posting it as a bulletin you are setting yourself up for free advertising. People who have time to waste or just like to give their opinions will fill out the survey and repost it as a bulletin and then their friends will see it, etc. Just remember to have questions on the survey that refer to your company directly so people will know where to look if they are interested.

Surveys on MySpace are a great way to advertise for free. They are also a great way to get your customers opinions. Just remember to make them stand out enough to be noticed.

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