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What are the key steps to successful publicity?

What are the key steps to successful publicity? The right publicity and the overall success of the publicity can be detrimental to the success of a business. The reason is, that the publicity a company receives will link directly to the amount of consumers they will have interested in their product or service.

When you are looking at ways to get a higher level of successful publicity, then you will find that there is some key steps that can make that happen. Here are those key steps.

Step #1: Contacts

Start with a list of whom you will be contacting in your publicity. This contact list is going to be what directs you to who you will be telling what story.

So basically if you have a story about your generous donations and contacts with the local charities, then you will want to use the contacts you have for the local business press to run this information.

If you have a story about the development of your newest product, then you will want to use your contacts through the trade and consumer press for this story.

Using the right press to get your story out there will make a rather large impact when trying to reach the right readers.

Step #2: Do not waste your time and the editor's time

Editors will get hundreds of stories, advertisements, etc each day. It is important that the information you send to the editor's are adequate, needed and interesting. They will want a story that is compelling and interesting for their readers. If the information is boring, inaccurate or unneeded, you will find that you will have a harder time getting your publicity out there.

Step #3: Use great material

The information you send to your media relation's person does not have to be only the media alerts, or standard press releases. It can be other information that they can use to get the attention of the consumer.

Send in information that is a little different than the standard run of the mill stuff. Make the information you send interesting to the readers. The reason is if the information is not just standard, then you will have a higher level of recognition from the consumer.
Step #4: Build relationships

It is important to remember that the people you work with in your adventures of publicity are the ones who will help you get the recognition you need. Therefore it is important to build strong relationships with the media relation's people you work with, in addition to editors, writers, and the consumers.

It will not hurt to have several people on your side, working to get the best publicity for your business possible. The more people who help, creates a higher level of understanding and experience. Following up will also help to build these relationships. This can be done on the phone, via email, or in person.

Step #5: Be prepared

You do not want to be caught unprepared for the next set of publicity. Try to always be at least one set of informational ads ahead. This way if you get people thinking, if you have editors that are interested, you will be ready to give them what they want when you do your follow-up.

These are the key steps to successful publicity. The key is to use your contacts, create good relationships, and give good information so that you will have long-term successful publicity for your business.

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