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What are the steps to successful publicity

What are the steps to successful publicity? There are many steps when it comes to successful publicity, of course, and we could talk about any one of them all day long. Publicity is an exciting, demanding, rewarding business, and it takes hard work and dedication and creativity. Therefore, one of the first steps to successful publicity is:

1. Assembling a good publicity team. Publicity means going public, getting a product or service (including entertainment etc.) noticed by the crowd. It's a direct art, an almost in-your-face art, sometimes aggressive, sometimes quiet, but always difficult and filled with obstacles. These facts should give us an idea of the sort of publicity team we need to assemble. Their personalities, talents, skills, and so forth, should match the nature of successful publicity itself.

2. Another step to successful publicity is planning ahead. We want to create situations, crises, controversies, etc., before they happen, and respond to them before they actually happen. It's a kind of role play wherein we try to foresee potential problems and solve them, so that if they actually do occur they're already solved! Again, this sort of thing takes creativity, energy in abundance, and lots of problem solving skills.

3. Successful publicity, however, is a challenge on the good days as well. Successful publicists don't just plan for crises, they plan for success. Success brings its own difficulties and complications. A rapid, sudden demand for a product or service can bog a business down so that it's killed by its own merit. When discussing the steps to successful publicity, we must include the ability to plan ahead for failures and successes.

4. A step to successful publicity that we often take for granted is simply being aware of What's Going On. Successful publicists watch the news, read newspapers and magazines, and when we say read we mean read-read all of the newspaper, business, sports, style, cinema, etc.-just in case (1) we discover something useful, (2) we need to respond quickly and directly to a current public concern, and (3) the public might feel more comfortable with us knowing that we know and are comfortable with it.

5. Successful publicity means researching and knowing the successes and failures of other publicists. If we treat publicity as a craft or an art, we'll want to know its history and its heroes. We'll want to know its tragedies, comedies, villains, etc. Now, this might seem like a pretty imaginative way of talking, and we admit that it is. We admit it gladly, knowing the hugely important role of imagination in publicity. We want to know it inside and out, and we want our team to know it inside and out. Just saturating ourselves in the history of publicity will make us more successful.

6. Finally, a key step in successful publicity is knowing all the little tricks and advantages of talking to reporters, working with the media, getting ourselves in the newspapers and so forth-we'll want to master the practical side of publicity as well. We want to know how a press conference works, for example, how do we put one together, how do we befriend influential personalities so that they endorse and champion our product or service. All of these steps point to study, study, study. All of these steps to successful publicity point to being prepared in advance-of doing our homework-of really reading and soaking it all in.

7. Successful publicity isn't an easy thing to attain, but consistent moves toward excellence mean that excellence will eventually become a reality.

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