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What are you doing to market your business on Facebook

Are you a part of the social media giant, facebook, yet? If you have yet to create an account on Facebook you need to do so! Facebook attracts record numbers of users each day and that is a day that you could be missing out on millions of potential leads for your company. The best thing about Facebook is that it is free to join and it is really easy to maintain. If you want to build up your brand and really strengthen your companies image, you need to create a facebook page.

Sign up for an account and once you have at least 25 followers you will be able to create a unique URL for your Facebook account. This is vital for marketing purposes and it is a great way for you to really drive the message home in your marketing efforts as you do have a personalized facebook URL. When you are creating the page for your business you need to look at the information that your customers want to see. You have to provide the customers with complete information and you need to let them know what your business does and how they can get in touch with you. Think from the perspective of a customer when you are creating a Facebook account and you will find that it is much easier for you to generate the right type of traffic.

Once your page is up and running it is just sitting there. You need to start marketing the page with a good program. One way you can get friends is to start tagging your existing friends and getting them to like it. Post it in your status update to let people know about the new company page and it will at least help you to get started with friends. Once you have the personalized URL you will find it is much easier for people to find your Facebook page. A great way to promote the page is on facebook with their PPC (pay per click) advertising promotions. They will provide a small icon with a short ad on the home page of users. You will be able to set up a location zone for the ads to appear, which is great if you are doing some target marketing.

Use print marketing to help you advertise your facebook. Include a link back to it from your company website as this is a great way to get more users to join your social media campaign. You really want to stress the importance of following online to your customers in order to get the hits and then you have to give them the reward for doing so. What is the reward? It depends on what you can offer to them. Many companies will provide great discounts to their Facebook customers. Other companies will offer their customers a sale using a promotion code that is only found on their facebook page. You have to do something that is unique and really does give the customer a reason to follow your Facebook account and share the page with their friends.

The best thing you can do is to get a post out there that encourages other people to post it on their page. When you do this, you are creating a strong viral marketing campaign and it is a great way for you to be able to effectively market your business. The best way to do this is to offer the customers something that is valuable to them. Only post information that is credible and information that you know the customers will be interested in.

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