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Four parts of company culture

A company's culture is a key part of its success or failure in marketing. A company culture will impact how customers are treated, and the kinds of customers your company attracts. The following are four of the elements that define the company culture, the people who work with a company, and how customers are treated, etc. A god solid company culture will lead to a solid foundation for doing business, and help you create a brand that is reputable.

Element one: People in your company, as well as those outside the company, should know where the company is headed. This is defined as the vision of the company. It is important to know where the company is headed because it inspires employees to work harder, and be more loyal when they know they are headed toward big things, and the success of the company will result in their own success as well.

Element two: People in and outside the company should know what your company stands for. This is often defined as the company mission. Many businesses choose to have their mission statements clearly displayed in the main lobby in order to remind and encourage employees to not deviate from this mission.

Element three: Your employees ought to know how each department will work together to get the company to its goals and visions, and within the framework set up by the mission.This is often defined as the values. In other words, what course will you take? Will you run over the little guy? Will employees get left behind? Or share in the success? Learning to work together, and value employees, leads to a happier work culture, which leads to increased profitability.

Element four: What needs to be accomplished for the company to reach its goals is next. This is steps, goals, and strategies that help you get there. They have to be written in a way that is easy to understand and execute. In other words, saying, "I want to double my customers" is great, but part of your purpose is defining how you plan to do this. Specific goals is the fourth element to defining the purpose of your business, and creating a great company culture.

When you use these four elements in your marketing plan, and to create company culture you are taking your vision and passion for what you do, and spreading it amongst your employees. This is huge because it means that they too will catch sight of the opportunities and may be inspired in turn. This can lead to improved feelings, better customer relations, and an all around happier staff. And this in turn helps profitability. How? This happiness translates across to consumers, and helps them build trust, and want to be part of the culture that has inspired others so. In other words, creating a great company culture leads to increased profitability because you get loyal customers who want others to be part of what they get to share in.

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