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Eliminate complexity, improve market share

When you have a business that is struggling, and you want to improve your market share, one of the very best things you can do is find a way to eliminate some complexity in your potential customer's lives. The following are five steps to helping your customers, and in doing so, helping yourself:

1. Give customers products that have a lot to offer. The problem with most companies that try to eliminate complexity is that they do so by simplifying their products rather than their customer's lives. It is okay to offer a product or service with a lot of perks, as long as those perks are easy to understand and use, and they help make the customer's life easier in some way. A customer does not just want a car to drive to work, for example, they want economy, fuel efficiency, options (color and style choices), and convenience. Make sure your products have layers of benefits to make the more attractive to your customers.

2. Create a low price model. It is important when creating a pricing model for your products and services that you keep it economical, and that it is simple and clear. Many people hate taking a cab because the price can be surprising when they say this much up front then this much per mile. A flat fee or flat rate is usually easier and more appealing to customers because they can go into your product or service knowing exactly what it is going to cost them.

3. Offer live support from real people. If you have a problem, you do not want to talk to a machine. You want to talk to someone who knows what they are doing, and that is a real live person. You can eliminate complexity for your customers by having direct call lines that reach real people with real answers.

4. Make sure your staff and support are rigorously trained to solve EVERY problem. Even if you reach a live person, if they can only provide you with generic answers you won't get off the phone very happy. Customers feel important, are better engaged, and speak more highly of companies whose staff are familiar with the products or services inside and out and are trained to solve problems, not just give platitudes.

5. Don't just promise to make life easier, actually make life easier. This is the most important thing you can do, eliminate some form of complexity in their life. Make whatever you offer look simple, even if it is technical, difficult, and complex behind the scenes, as far as your customers know, it is easy for them to use, and does not require an advanced degree.

As you strive to do these five things, you will find that your customer engagement goes up, customer retention goes up, and your customers become advocates of your brand. They will let others know how you simplified their life.

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