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How to grow your marketing efforts

Many business owners are constantly focusing on inventing new ways to market to their customers. They figure that they if they can come up with something new then they are far more likely to attract their customers attention. The reality is that by using the resources that are right in front of you, you can grow your marketing efforts for a low cost and use much less effort. These growth marketing strategies will enlarge the marketing that you have already done. The bottom line is that there is often no need to reinvent marketing but simply improve and grow on the existing marketing base. Here is what you need to know about how to grow your marketing efforts-

- Market to your existing customers-Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that their marketing is only for attracting new customers. However, you may be surprised to learn that up to 80% of your sales come from your existing customers. This makes it crucial to continue to market to the customers that you already have. There are several advantages to this kind of marketing. First, you already know who you are marketing to and most likely have their direct contact information. Secondly, they have already bought from you so if they are satisfied with their experience with your business they are far more likely to buy from you again. This makes it a top priority to market to your existing customers.
- Ask for referrals-Your existing customer base is a valuable resource and you should not pass it by in search of new ways to market. The customers that you have already served and made happy can help you do your marketing. You should not hesitate to ask for referrals or even recommendations. Keep in mind that this is best done right after a customer buys from you and is happy with the outcome. If you act quickly you can capitalize on their satisfaction with doing business with your company. If your customers have been treated well there should be no problem getting referrals. If you find that your customers are hesitant about referring you or offering a recommendation then a close look at your customer service is in order.
- Come up with some new uses for your products-All to often business owners spend valuable time and lots of money trying to come up with new products in order to expand their marketing base. One of the overlooked marketing resources that you already may have is a new use for an existing product. Just imagine the response if you can send out marketing material that details a new use for your existing product!Not only will you have avoided a costly research and development but you will be able to attract new customers who at first thought your product wasn't for them.
- Make every dollar count-The key to successfully growing your marketing is not to spend more money but to make sure that every marketing dollar is bringing in the highest rate of return. If you have marketing dollars that are not doing this the key is to move them where they will be better spent. This can serve as a powerful way to grow your marketing into being more effective.
- Expand your marketing research-With the many demands of running a company business owners often find themselves stuck in a rut when it comes to market research. You should periodically take the time to redo and even expand your market research. Keep in mind that consumers needs and wants change rapidly and you may find a whole new demographic that you didn't think that you should market to. There are also sorts of niche markets that can arise over time that would be perfect to receive your marketing message. This is a highly cost effective way to grow your marketing without spending a lot of your marketing budget.

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