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What is, and how do you use, search engine marketing

Most people who have used the internet are familiar with search engines and how they can be used to find information that you are looking for, but what many people might not know is that there is also a marketing technique called search engine marketing. If you own a business or are in charge of the marketing for your company you should take a few minutes to learn about search engine marketing, especially if you are completely unfamiliar with the term.

Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing that companies use to increase their customer base. Search engine marketing is a set of marketing methods that are used to increase the company's website standing (page rank) in search engine results pages. The higher your page is ranked the higher you are listed on the results pages and the more traffic you are going to be able to generate from the search engine results pages.

Here are the marketing methods that make up search engine marketing.
- Search engine optimization - improves rankings for relevant keywords in search results by improving a company's website
- Pay per click - sponsored search engine listings to drive traffic to the company's website. Advertisers bid for search terms, search engines rank the ads on a competitive auction
- Paid inclusion - feeds listings into search engines
- Social media optimization - places ideas within online communities in hopes that they will spread to others
- Video search marketing - promotes companies by placing short video clips on websites that will be picked up by search engine spiders.

Here are some steps you are going to have to follow to use search engine marketing.

Step one:
The first thing that you are going to have to do is to learn about key words for search engines. Key words are the words that your customers are going to type into the search engine to find your product. What you want to do is use the key words or key phrases that your potential customers will to market your website.

Step two:
The second step to using search engine marketing is search engine optimization. This step involves changing your website so that it is search engine friendly. This will make your company's website more accessible to search engines, in order to do this you will have to learn what search engines look for when they visit your site. Some things would be domain name, meta description, meta key word tags, and many others.

Step three:
After you have made changes to your website to make it search engine friendly you are going to need to submit your website to the various search engines. You can either pay to have your site indexed by the search engines, submit with a free submit form or you can let the search engine find your site through links to your site from other sites.

Step four:
The fourth step has to do with link popularity, which is important because search engines rank your website based on popularity. To complete this step you will need to increase the number of links to your site and get quality sites to link to your site.

Step five:
This step should only be done if you are going to pay search engines to index your site. Before making this decision you should find out if this is a viable option for your company.

Step six:
Pay per click advertising is another way to increase your position on a search engine, but keep in mind that not all search engines provide pay per click advertising. But keep in mind that pay per click advertising can cost you money, but it can also make your company money.

Step seven:
One thing that you are going to have to do is to review your site's log files which will tell you what the best sources for traffic are on your site, what search words people are using to find your site, and how people are finding your site. This can help you customize your search engine marketing by providing you with valuable information.

Step eight:
If you are going to be a part of Google's search engine you are going to need to learn about Google's PageRank factor and why it is so important.

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