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What is marketing mix?

The definition of marketing mix is the outline of four different items referred to as the 4P's.The 4P's are:
- Product
- Price
- Place
- Promotion
The 4P's are in place to make your business a success.You will need to use the 4P's to advertise or market your business to consumers and clients that will use the product or service that your business creates for them.As you begin to research the 4P's, you will also find 3 more P's that have been listed.These are:
- People or Personnel
- Physical Layout
- Processes

To use the P's that have been listed above you have know what the P's are.The first one listed is Product.The product is exactly what it says; the product or products that your business offers.As your business develops the product or products, they are used in your business marketing strategies that are used.The product that you have needs to interest consumers and customers into wanting what your business offers.For example, if you live in an area that has a high interest with fishing, create a fishing rod that will sell in the community.The more consumers and customers that will use your business, the more profit and product your business will create.

Second is the Price.The price is what your business will list the product that has been created for.Pricing your product is important to the marketing mix that you are using.Pricing needs to also fit the community and fit the product that you are selling and offering to consumers.The higher your product quality is, the more you can price your product for.If you also price your product to low, your business will not earn the proper amount of profit to increase your business and business product.

The marketing mix you create will not succeed without the Place.Place includes where you are going to have your products available for consumers to purchase.The product that your business has created needs to be strategically placed in the proper shops that consumers and clients will see it and want to use it.If your business creates or offers tools, a mechanics shop is a great place to place your products and same with a parts store.Placing your product at the right place will ensure that your business products will be purchased.

Promotion is the last component that is used in a marketing mix.Although last, promotion is the most important to the product that your business has created.Promotion is used to advertise and market your business and product.Promotion is used in different magazine, newspapers, social networks, mailers, flyers and the internet.The more promotion that you give to your product, the more profit your product will make for your business.Promotion is also used to make consumers and clients aware of where they can purchase your business products.
As you begin to set up your marketing mix, the 4P's are the main source that needs to be used.The more you use the 4P's, the better your business will do and the more profit will be made.Each consumer and customer that purchases your business product needs to know where it is at, how much it costs and what the product is.Once you have the base for your marketing mix set up with the 4P's, use the final 3P's to promote your product more.
- People or Personnel
- Physical Layout
- Process
The extra 3P's will give your business product the extra help it deserves.The more your business uses the marketing mix, the more your business will succeed.

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