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Why mobile marketing

There is a lot of buzz of late about using mobile marketing strategies. Many companies are not set up to do this on their own, and have to use third party applications like iZigg, etc. and so they tend to shy away from it. The cost to utilize it may appear high, and the effectiveness questionable. The following are some things to consider when asking yourself why you should give mobile marketing a chance:

Mobile marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to generate a list of potential customers, and interested customers, and reach them. Mobile marketing allows you to get in touch with your interested prospects through their mobile devices. Ten years ago mobile marketing would not have been your best option, but today, over 240 million Americans have mobile phones, and 75 million of them are smart phone users. This means that you have millions of people you can reach with talk, text, or through internet applications and platforms, on their mobile devices. There are very few channels for reaching so many people with one marketing effort. In addition, the list of interested customers you generate is your to keep.

So why get into mobile marketing now versus ten years ago? Well, put simply, more people use mobile devices for more things. This is especially true of text messages. These days if you do not text message with your mobile phone you are in the minority. This means that you have the ability through mobile marketing to not just get in front of millions of people, but get where they are in a form they are using, and make sure that they see you. Everyone is using their phones for more than talking, and expect to receive some mobile advertisements, etc. Why not advertise in a form they are already using? It would not makes sense to miss this opportunity.

Because text messages are so short and efficient, people read them, so if you send someone a marketing message via text, your chance of it being read is high. According to Entrepreneur magazine, 97% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. Can you say the same for emails? What about other forms of marketing? If you are asking yourself why you should consider mobile marketing, you have to recognize the value that comes from getting in front of your potential customers, and doing so in a fast manner. Texting and other mobile marketing strategies are proving to be one of the fastest ways to engage your customers and prospective customers.

Mobile marketing, whether through SMS, or other channels, or a combination of the two, should not be overlooked in your marketing plan, but is something that is growing and will continue to grow, especially as more and more people use their mobile devices to connect, to obtain information, to share, and to become informed.

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