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Writing press releases that actually work


A good press release will generate media attention for your company and hopefully boost your sales. A press release is also a great way to boost your online traffic as you can place it on other sites as a response to topics that are being discussed. Use the press release to improve your company's visibility with its customers. Here are some tips that can help you write a successful press release:

  • Always make sure you have something interesting to say. If you write a press release for every little thing that happens, media members will quit paying attention to your press releases. In order to gain attention from media members, send a press release when you launch an exciting product or when your company is hoping to expand.
  • Write the press release from the perspective of a journalist. They want to read some action words in the first few sentences that cause them to continue reading more. The press release should tell a story instead of being a sales pitch; however it is important to be careful about writing the entire story for the journalist. Give them the facts and compelling information and let them do the rest.
  • Always list the most important information in the first few sentences. The press release should keep their attention at least through 2 paragraphs because this is all they usually read when they are scanning for a good story. Before you write the press release, make a list of all the important information and then categorize it according to its importance.
  • Create a compelling headline in order to catch their attention immediately. The headline will provide the news media member with their first impression about your company. By creating a compelling one, they will at least pick up your fax and actually read it. A headline that is boring will cause the media member to toss it aside as they look for other headlines that are exciting and interesting.
  • Always list the date, city, and state in the first line. This is simple information that the media member will need in order to run a hot story.
  • Keep the press release to less than 2 pages. Anything longer than 2 pages will cause the news media to toss it into the trash. If the body of your press release is too lengthy, do your best to cut it down. Usually a press release is less than 800 words.
  • Each paragraph in the press release should be kept to about 3 to 5 sentences. This makes the press release easier to read. It also helps you prioritize the main points you want to talk about at the top of the press release.
  • The final points of the press release should inspire the news media member to run a story or do something with the information you have sent them. If you are targeting customers with your press release, give them a reason to go online and purchase your products. Action words are the best way to install a sense of urgency in the people that will read your press release.
  • Write the press release as someone that doesn't know all the industry jargon. Adding too much jargon to your press release will frustrate the reader and they will move on from it quickly.
  • Time your press releases appropriately. You should never release something on a topic that is outdated. It is also important to be sensitive to the nature of your press release; this is a common concern for nonprofits that may be responding to the recent influx in matters that pertain to their business like child abuse.

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